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Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy 13 review by Franz Francisco

franz f

on 10 August 2010

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Transcript of Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII For years, the Final Fantasy series has stood as a seemingly timeless pillar of Japanese role-playing games. With fantastic characters, intricate stories and complex battle systems, Final Fantasy is one of the most recognizable names in the videogame world and for good reason. Final Fantasy XIII like all other Final Fantasy series Final Fantasy XIII battle system and narrative remain just as strong as any other series. Final Fantasy XIII story line is a multi-story approach, with a few flash backs make it an enjoyable experience. Final Fantasy XIII story is about the standard growth of the characters and the relationships between the two worlds of Final Fantasy XIII Cocoon and Pulse. Branded by the gods and exiled from their homes. Can they still save the world? Can they fight fate? & Final Fantasy XIII is not complete without a battle system Final Fantasy XIII battle system is a more complex version of ATB(Active time battle). Final Fantasy XIII battle system is a more complex version of ATB (Active time battle). At the start of the game its a very simple menu driven system Auto Hinder Abilities Techniques Items run/escape/flee does not exist On the second half of the game It becomes one of the most complex and challenging battle systems in the Final Fantasy series. From picking a target then attacking To unleashing combos, applying different tactics to survive even using summons. The battle system ATB In a nut shell Time to Explain When standing in a neutral position, a gauge fills above your list of commands. This gauge is segmented, so as it fills, more segments are available for use. Auto Hinder
Items Menu/Commands Gauge Segments Commands Attack Enfire Blitz Menu/Commands ATB Gauge Segment loading Every action a character can take requires the expenditure of a certain number of segments from the gauge. This attack queue system is much preferable to selecting one command at a time, as it gives players the ability to build combos and multitask when they are in a pinch.
Stronger moves require more segments Normal moves only use one segment No lagg in other words It gets more complicated but thats the battle system
In a nut shell Presentation ,Graphics & sound. My favourite part Graphics and presentation Simply amazing from cutscenes to the very detail of the environment to monsters. Sound. Incredibly impressive voice acting all around. Some characters may need to get used to but great voice acting. The background music is great and is not repetitive as it changes to fit the senario of the battle. Gameplay. Most important thing to a gamer Apart from killstreaks and trophies Final Fantasy delivers a fantastic battle system that combines hectic speed with plenty of rewards. But the structure and lack of content outside the campaign is somewhat disappointing. Voice acting and music themes are remarkable. The visuals and graphics are amazing from every detail of the game. Another great series of Final Fantasy by Square Enix. Final Fantasy XIII By Franz Francisco Ps3 is better :) All images, videos, music and trademarks are copyright to their respectful copyright holders Auto Hinder = Auto pilot ENTHUNDER ! Summon libra About 30/60 hours or so ... Another major part of the battle system is staggering. Staggering occurs when players chain attacks consistently. Each enemy has a unique Stagger Point percentage value at which your attacks will deal the indicated percentage value. In Stagger, the stagger percentage increases rapidly with each additional strike. The gauge rises quickly in stagger. While in Stagger, the gauge will steadily decrease (although percentage damage may still build), and the enemy leaves Stagger when the bar runs out. Staggering is a feature that lets you do a higher percentage of damage to monsters resulting in a much easier win against harder monsters. o Monster Stagger point Current Stagger percentage Stagger gauge Gauge will constantly lower unless you keep attacking. When the gauge reaches the top the monster gets staggered Like all Final Fantasy series summons play an important role in the game. Each Eidolon is unique to their summoner, because they reflect the summoner's personality. They have the power to transform into mechanical devices via a system called Gestalt Mode. There are six playable Eidolons in the game. In Gestalt Mode Eidolons transform into a type of transportation for the summoner. In this form the summoner rides the Eidolon and is invincible but the Gestalt Mode does not last very long and does less damage than a team party.
At the end of each battle ratings are given to the player showing them how good or bad they are. Ratings are shown in stars no stars for the worst and 5 for the best. Music & Voice acting Franz Francisco Stagger Bar loading.... So slow... Zoom Zoom Almost finished So Fast Max = 999.9% Just Epic When you combine great visual effects, graphics and sound what do you get? Lets watch the battle system in action =) Unfortunately you will not see a summon in action. Game Review By Franz Francisco Verdict 8.5 Don't get it? Not listening? Dizzy? s
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