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Gonzalo Vidaurrazaga

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Science

Gonzalo Vidaurrazaga
The Nervous System Sturcture of the Nerve Cell Dendrites: Short thin branching part of a nerve cell. Ther job is to receive impulse from other nerve cells and carry the to the cell body. Cell Body: Surrounds the nucleus. Its job is to carry the impulse from the dendrites to the axon. Axon: Long, thin part of a nerve cell.
its function is to carry the impulse
from the cell body to the axon tips Axon tips: The ending of axons.
their function is to send the impulse to other nerve cell. Nucleus: Its the main structure.
Its function is to direct. Myelin Sheath: Covering of the axon.
Its role is to protect it Facts:
Nerve cells are also called neurons
They differ from other nerve cells in several ways, mostly how they are linked
Axon and Dendrites are both fibers
A single nerve impulse is like a tiny surge of electricity, it is sent by the axon tips and received by the dendrites of another nerve cell Reaction Sports and video games make your reaction time faster Reaction Time: Time it takes your nerve cell to send the impulse (message) Facts:
The average reaction time is between 200 and 270 milliseconds, but athletes may react faster
Playing Ping Pong fast is a good way to make your reaction time faster. They have invented a robot to play ping pong and if you program it to play fast, your reaction time will be faster.
Another sport that makes your reaction time faster is track and field. At the 2008 Olympics, Usain Bolt reacted about 140 milliseconds after the gun was shot in the 100 meter sprint.
Other sports that make your reaction faster are gymnastics, soccer (goalie), and Martial Arts.

The types of video games that most increase your reaction time are fast-action games and games with multiple bottom control. They also make your vision better.
The video games improve yor hand-eye coordination.

Sleeping enough time, eating healthy and keeping your body fit also make your reaction faster. Reaction time is is the time that elapses between your brain receiving a sensory stimulus, wheter it is an image, noise or touch and processing a reaction to it Sturcture/Function Realations Axon Tips and Dendrites: I think the axon tips are very small because they are a lot of axon tips so they can send more messages to other nerve cells and the dendrites are also small so they are a lot so they can receive all the messges. This makes your reaction faster because you could send and receive more messages at a time. Axon: I think the axon is long so it can carry the impusle all the way to the muscle or gland safely without getting lost in the way. Cell Body: I think the cell body is large and wide so the dendrites spread all around, reach more and they will make sure they receive all the messages Nucleus: I think the nucleus is alomost in the center of the cell body so it can manage and direct every part of the cell body. Works Cited
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