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Tech Talk

No description

Jana Hesker

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Tech Talk

GIS Geographic Information Systems What Can GIS Do For You? Change in Party Affiliation '08-'12 Visual and Spatial Beings Oh, Nice map. ...And the Small with
Individual Levels of Accuracy and Detail See the Big Picture... Golder often receives client compliments on our maps.
Draw our attention
Simplify complex data
Increase the value of a report
Make Golder look professional Fundamentals of GIS Collect Organize Retrieve Analyze Products Centrally Stored Standardized Accessible Denver Calgary Bismarck Layer Overlay Interpolation "Batch" Tools
and Processes Maps Tables Graphs Cross Sections Models Posters Marketing Materials Layered PDF What is GIS... To [Company]? To You? It's a Tool... Geog formatio tems Supports [Company] in its Data Management, Analysis, and Production Needs. Powerful and complex.
Makes complicated information
Accessible. Existing Disturbance Meet Your GIS Staff Make Better Decisions using Geography [Beyond the Map:
GIS and Decision Making] Satellite or Aerial Imagery
Federal, State, Local Data
Geology, Soil, Geologic Hazards
Land Ownership
Watersheds Boundaries, Wetlands
Land Use and Land Cover
Habitat Areas, Endangered Animals
DEM (Digitial Elevation Model)
Contours Publicly Available? Project Specific Data Collection In Our
Data Library? LiDAR Processing Vehicle Mounted LiDAR Aerial Mounted LiDAR Surveyor LiDAR One[Company] UAV?? Survey Data
GPS data
Sensefly Swinglet UAV (Aerial)
Aquatic USV (Bathymetry) USA 2012 Presidential Election Margin of Victory by County USA 2012 Presidential Election by County . . Collect
Produce Collaborate Data Interoperability
Hec Res
MS Excel
Survey Data
Data Conversion Data Library ViewShed Terrain Modeling Distance and
Area Calculation DEM Contour LiDAR Processing Survey Data Summary Tables Data from previous projects
Base Data
USGS Topographic Quadrangle
Water Features
USA PLSS and Counties
Global Boundaries Sensefly Swinglet
Up to 10km² survey
30 minute flight time
20km range
80m to 800m flight altitude
DSM (Digital Surface Model) with accuracy between 10 and 15cm)
Stereo photos with 50% to 90% overlap
10 megapixel camera Aspect Slope Prezi Created by
Ian E. Morales
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