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Fever 1793

Ze yellow fevah!

Lyn Tan

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Fever 1793

Fever 1793 By Laurie Halse Anderson THe Yellow Fever SIGNS&SYMPTOMS:
Yellow fever begins suddenly three to six days after the virus is contracted
Most cases only cause a mild infection with fever, headache, chills, back pain, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting. In this case, the infection only lasts three to four days.
However... 15% of cases enter a second, toxic phase of the disease.
This time, the fever comes back accompanied with jaundice and abdominal pain.
Jaundice just means that your eyes turn yellow (this is due to liver damage or failure).
Bleeding in the mouth, the eyes, and in the gastrointestinal tract can cause blood to appear in the vomit. The toxic phase is fatal in about 20% of all cases. Surviving the infection causes life-long immunity.
Normally, after you survive the infection, there is no remaining organ damage.
The yellow fever is like chicken pox, once you get it you can't get it again for the rest of your life. On a happier note though.. How The Virus Is Spread Around... When a female mosquito sucks the blood of an infected person,
she is also sucking in the virus.
The viruses reach the stomach of the female, and if the
virus concentration is high enough, the virions can infect
epithelial (skin) cells and reproduce there.
From there, the virions reach the blood system of the mosquito, and from there the salivary glands.
When the mosquito sucks blood from another person, it injects its saliva into the wound, and that's how the virus reaches the blood of the bitten person. Luckily, there is treatment for the yellow fever.
Hospitalization is advisable, and intensive care isn't
really necessary unless the person's condition is critical.
To treat the symptoms, just keep the patient rehydrated.
Paracetamol is a good drug for pain relief. Now, to take your minds off the disgusting topic of fever...
CHARACTER SUMMARIES! Matilda "Mattie" Cook:
Born in 1779
14 years old when the events in the novel happened
Narrator & principle protagonist
Although capable of hard work, she prefers to sit back and relax
During the novel, Mattie has to make choices and she always makes the right ones (even if they're difficult)
As the novel goes on, Mattie matures from a child to a young woman.
Mrs. Lucille "Mother" Cook:
Mattie's mother
Married Mattie's father when she was only 17
Gave birth to Mattie in 1779
Became widowed in 1783 when her husband died in an accident
For the next ten years, she operated a coffeehouse with the occasional help of her father-in-law Polly Logan:
Long-time girlfriend of Mattie Cook (they grew up together)
Works for Mrs. Cook at the coffeehouse as a scullery maid
Admires Matthew the blacksmith
Dies of yellow fever at the start of the novel Matthew:
Son and apprentice of a local blacksmith
Well-built and strong, and is the object of Polly's affection
The novel does not say what happened to him before and after the fever. Nathaniel Benson:
A young man who is apprenticed to a famous local painter
He is "interested" in Mattie, who feels the same about him
During the epidemic, he is shut up inside his master's house, sparing him from the yellow fever
After the epidemic, Nathaniel continues to court Mattie Mr. William "Father" Cook, Jr.:
Mattie's father
Died in 1783
Shortly after construction of the Cook Coffeehouse
Died by falling off a ladder and breaking his neck Mr. William "Grandfather" Farnsworth Cook:
Mattie's grandfather
Veteran of the Revolution War and still proudly owns his uniform, musket, and sword
After Mr. Cook Jr. died, he moved into the Cook Coffeehouse to help out with the business
Murdered in the family coffeehouse in an attempted robbery Eliza:
The cook at the Cook Coffeehouse
Close family friend of the Cook family
Born a slave near Williamsburg
Her husband (also a slave) saved up money to purchase her freedom
Eliza moved to Philadelphia and began saving money to save her husband
He was killed in an accident in 1787 before Eliza could save him
Lives by the river
Becomes Mattie's business partner in the end The Luddingtons:
Live in Gwynedd, away from Philadelphia
Family friends with the Cooks
They own a country farm
Mrs. Cook lives with them during the epidemic Pernilla Ogilvie:
Society woman
Mother of six children
Has a son called Edward, whom Mrs. Cook hopes will marry her daughter Mattie one day
Colette and Jeannine (her two daughters) are very rude to Mattie
Colette falls ill with yellow fever & Mrs. O takes the entire family to the countryside
There, she discovers that one of her supposed virgin daughters has actually secretly wed her French tutor Mrs. Bridget Flagg:
A hospital volunteer who cares for Mattie while she is recovering from yellow fever at Bush Hill Hospital
Finds Grandfather Cook attractive and flirts with him (ewwww) Nell:
A very young girl of probably around three years old
Father is nowhere to be found, but her mother died of yellow fever
Mattie rescues her and takes her in, providing for her for several days
Unofficially adopted by Mattie
Falls ill with a mild case of yellow fever
Spends the remainder of her life as Mattie's daughter Joseph, Robert, and William:
Joseph is Eliza's brother
Robert&William are Joseph's twin sons
Joseph is a cooper by trade and operated a successful business before the epidemic
Joseph's unnamed wife falls ill with yellow fever and dies during the early stages of the epidemic
Eliza moves in with Joseph to help him take care of the twin boys
Joseph falls ill with yellow fever
Joseph recovers slightly and invites Mattie to live with him until the epidemic subsides
Once Joseph recovers, his sons fall ill with the fever.
However, with Mattie and Eliza's care, they both survive the illness. That's it for today! Find out more in our next formal presentation :) This presentation was by:
Group Fever!
Amy Che, Daniel Kim, Gordon Qiu, Luke Gudde, and Lyn Tan
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