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Texas Eco-reigon

No description

tavian young

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Texas Eco-reigon

Blackland Prairie Average temp.
(in Jan. and July) January:

The average temperature in January is around 55 degrees.


The average temperature in July is around 86 degrees. Rainfall The average rainfall is about
30 to 40 inches of rain. Plants That
Live in this area Some of the plants that live in this area are... Effects of Erosion or Weathering Catastrophic Events One main catastrophic event that could happen in the blackland prairie area is... Animals that live
in this area. The animals that live in this area are... Eco-Reigons: . If you see a red dot, thats where the blackland prairie is. 1. Big Bluestem 2.Switchgrass 3. Indian Grass WILDFIRES he blackland prairie is full of nutrients and its very fertile
so, the plants could be picked up by the wind and then deposited into a whole different type of area. Also, small sediments of soil or rock break down into pieces. T Another catasrophic events that could happen
is hurricanes. When huricanes occur, it increases
deposition and erosion. 1. Songbirds 2. Ducks 3. Cows THE END
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