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Katie Burrey

on 24 May 2012

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Transcript of ANASTASIA

Here is our presentation
Fact 1
Anastasia was born on June 18th 1901 in Peterhof.
Anastasia's brother had a disease called hemophelia
Anastasia had 3 sisters Olga, Tatiana,
Maria and 1 brother Nicolas.
Anastasia Romanov was a girl who was
born on June 18th 1901 and was very
spirited.This mystery is about a girl who died
and nobody really knows how she died.
Fact 2
Fact 3
Fact 4
Her family had a very strict schedule unlike ours
Fact 5
Works cited
theory 2
Theory 1
Some of the rooms in Anastasia's house where rooms for the wounded in world war 1.
Many people claimed to be Anastasia
Some people thought Anastasia was still living after
he war
Anastasia Romanov.
My Anastasia Romanov page.
I am Gregory Morford
and I do not believe
that Anastasia
survived. I think this
because of the war
I am Grace Bowman
and I think that
Anastasia did not
survive on the night
of the siege. And I
think that because
back then there was
a big war.
I am Katie Burrey and I believe when she
fell ill then she died. That is what I believe.
I believe that because she was sick.
And that was our presentation!!!
Anastasia by:

My name is Anastasia
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