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Renaissance Vocabulary

No description

Gabby Struve

on 3 July 2014

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Transcript of Renaissance Vocabulary

Renaissance Vocabulary
Was behind that stage, a three story section of theatre that contained the dressing and prop room, the music gallery, and connecting passageways. It was enclosed in curtains at all times so the behind stage stuff was hidden from the audience.
ex. Multi-storied building
The Globe Theatre is a tiring house.
Where the actors perform. There are no curtains to open and close it scenes played on the platform.
ex. A stage
The performers perform on the the platform.
Short for the Globe Theatre and whom Shakespeare wrote most of his plays for.
ex. Theatre
Many of Shakespeare's plays have been performed at the Globe.
ex. Wooden canopy, eagle head, wings, skull
Shakespeares used may props in his plays
A person who writes plays.
ex. Shakespeare
Shakespeare was the most popular playwright.
A theatrical work that is intentionally humorous.
ex.Twelfth Night
Twelfth Night was a tragedy written by Shakespeare.
Renaissance Vocabulary
Gabby Struve
Side type of play in this time period, usually ending in death.
ex. Macbeth
Macbeth was a tragedy written by Shakespeare.
Informative type of play in this time period.
ex. King John ,Antony and Cleopatra, King Lear
King John,Antony and Cleopatra,King Lear where histories written by Shakespeare.
Hired Men
They filled the lesser parts. They take two or more parts in the play.
ex. Smaller roles
He was a hired men, he had three parts already in the play.
People who stood in the yard during the performance and who were the noisiest and least desirable spectators.
ex. These people did not make that much money.
The groundlings are so hard to please.
Master of the Revels
Housekeeper Sharers
A clown
ex. Will Kempe
Baffoons held major roles in Shakespeare's plays.
A form of payment.
ex. Currency
It cost six pounds for a company to own a play.
Actor Sharers
The principle actors in the company.
ex.The actor who played Macbeth.
The people who got the lead roles in all of the shows were the actor sharers.
Writes the copy of the manuscript
ex. Highlter
The scrivener has my part.
Keeper of the costumes
ex.important behind the scenes
The fireman did a great job on the costumes.

Original copy of the play
ex. First copy of the play
The manuscript is perfect, it must be published.
ex. Railing
Balustrades are in front of the terras.
A structure built on top of another.
ex. Awening
The superstructure has heavens under it.
Shallow inner stage curtains, it was a curtained stage. It promoted a continuous flow of dramatic action and provided endless opportunities for creating scene sequences of great variety.
ex. Inner stage
Get the study closed so we can get to the next scene!

Music Gallery
On the third level, concealed behind light-weight curtains. This is were music was played from.
ex. Orchestra pit
The music gallery is located on the second level of the Globe.
Hidden doors and passages way in the Globe.
ex.Lifted players and props on to the platform or provided desecrate passage ways to different levels of the theatre.
The platform trap was the largest in the Globe Theatre.
Inner stage frequently used for prison cells, according to the custom of detaining high ranking prisoners in the upper stories of the Tower of London.
Ex.It served also for those rooms normally found in the second story of a house. Action on tho stage was not related to action on any other stage.
The chamber use to be a prison cell.
The area between the balustrade and the curtains of the second level inner stage.
ex.Was often used to represent a balcony or pulpit.
The tarras really gave the play dimension.
dead bodies
ex. dead bodies
There was a great deal of carnage in Macbeth
Underneath the superstructure and were painted blue with starts and figures of the zodiac.
ex. Fresco/Mural
The heavens are underneath the superstructure.
Tiring House
Located above the tiring house.
ex. Attic
The hut is the highest point.
Holds the lease to the building.
ex.People who owned the Globe.
The Globe is kept in good shape thanks to the housekeeper sharers.
A writer of drama
ex. Shakespeare
Shakespeare was a good dramatist.
They played female parts, which were often the leading roles.
ex. Helena and Hermia in A Midsummer Nights Dream were played by boys.
As they grew older and acquired the skills of acting, the Boys often became Hired Men in the company.

Organizes diverse items, keeping them in good condition, and also sweeps.
ex. Janitor
The stagekeeper did a great job cleaning up the theatre.
First of his duties was to “hold the book” as prompter to the actors, the Bookholder took the playwright’s manuscript to the Scrivener.
ex. Director's assistant
Ask the bookholder to hold your book.

Approves the Scrivener’s copy and gives performing license.
ex. Editor
The Master of the Revels played a big part in making sure people weren't offended during the play.
Coordinated various elements involved in staging a play.
ex. Director
The play writer was sometimes the guider.
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