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Rui's Textiles Presentation

8TC2 Textiles- Term 1 Miss Banks

Rui Tan

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Rui's Textiles Presentation

Rui's Term of Textiles How is what Rui learnt connected to real life context? What has Rui learnt throughout this unit?
How do organisational tools such as Gantt charts (time action plan) assist in learning? What risks did Rui take to achieve her end product? What did not go according to plan? What strategies did Rui use to ensure this will not happen again? What aspect of the learning would Rui change? Reflection on Rui's learning A new Big Question - safety standards

buying clothes keeping warm the value of polar fleece understand the balance of play and work What skills and techniques has Rui learnt? How are these skills connected to other syllabus areas ? learning through play - manage our time -stressed -worried -tired They assist in teaching us the valuableness of time. - tacking before you sew
- sewing corners
- pinning before you sew
- make a model first
- carefulness in measuring the importance of play in a child's life Making a model first
- to test if things work out

Used in
- science models & sculptures
- english writing draft
Tacking and pinning and carefulness in measuring
- for extra care

Used in
- woodwork
- supergluing
- maths diagrams - my measurments
- making the arms
- making an educational purpose e.g.
most harmful materials
· Antimony
· Arsenic
· Barium
· Cadmium
· Lead
· Mercury
- Polar Fleece -made from polyester
-soft, fuzzy, thick
-insulates you
-durable Arms
- decide level of difficulty Measurements
- no rush (stress)
Educational Purpose
- stick to decision Time
- learn about fabric Portfolio
- The way we did it at home
- not tacking - not finishing my draft - not doing the arms - not asking the teacher when I was unsure Good Things:
- get to work freely and have own idea
- understand sewing machine better
- tacking
- self taught things
- made a simple soft toy by ourselves
- achievment Bad Things
- not many explanations on how to complete portfolio
- time learning and discovering new things polar fleece reading labels ensuring that the product is safe for your child Safety standards importance of playing understand how playing affects children Old Question
Is play a waste of time? No Yes Why do we play? Should we play 24/7 then? Toy
- size to increase the ways it could be educational - not original 1. Analysis 2. Investigation 5. production Design Process 4. selection 3. generation of Ideas
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