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Internal and External Conflicts

No description

stephanie fraley

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Internal and External Conflicts

Internal and External Conflict Stephanie Fraley Internal External Credits
mrssthomas.files.wordpress.com/.../internal-and-external-conflict.ppt What is a conflict An Internal conflict is a conflict that takes place internally . Happens within yourself. For example someone might have decide between right or wrong.
Character vs. Self
ex: study or watch tv
Toy story 3 External conflict is a conflict that is physical like a fight.
Character vs. Character
ex: John was attaked by Luke; John and Luke are fighting about which books are better Harry Potter or The Hunger Games.
Character vs. Nature
ex. Mary is allergic to the flowers outside
Harry Potter A conflict is something that follows argument. A conflict can be physical,verbal, or mental conflict.
There are 2 main kinds of conflicts internal and external.
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