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Google Is The New Resume

No description

andy drish

on 29 October 2010

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Transcript of Google Is The New Resume

Ethically Cheating The System To Land Your Dream Job Personal Branding The 95% The 5% Examples Conference Crashing Interviews Get Started Questions Benefits as a Student What is it?
Why is it differnet? Awesome Package
- Professional Website/Blog
- Conference Crashing Kit
- 'Get Your Foot In The Door' Checklist
- Personal Brand Blueprint
- Sneak into conferences to connect with top professionals in your field

- Go into each informational interview with complete confidence, knowing exactly which questions to ask

- Get your foot in the door with almost ANYONE or ANY company you want to work at

- Discover what your brand is and what people think of when they hear your name

- Have a professional website that will seperate you from 95% of other students
1st job out of college is most important
- It sets the tone for your career $$$$$
Travel 3.97 GPA
Quadrupal Major
- Mgmt
- Fin
- Business
- Entrepeneurship
Basketball Superstar
ESPN Academic All American Of Year Marketing Degree
3.6 GPA
Bartender Non Profits The Job Search A Job
Job Fairs
Seek approval
Credentials THE Job
Geniune Connections
Follow their passions
Results Accept status quo
Paralyzed by fear of failure
See what 'is'
"Is this good enough?" Challenge status quo
Excited by possibility
See what 'could be'
"Is this my best?" Bring Andy to Campus AndyDrish.com/Discount AndyDrish.com/Speaking $97 How Do You Compete? Text "andydrish" to 50500
for my contact info
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