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This prezi is about some basic facts about hacking.

Logan Shields

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Hacking

In some ways yes but in others no. For example if you hack into a computer to find illegal information then yes it is illegal. Now let's say I want to see if my website is hackable then I would probably ask a hacker to try to break in then it would not be illegal. Do you get it now?
Isn't Hacking Illegal?
What are the Basics of Hacking?
Yes, you can get a job in hacking. Namely: a security application tester, a security consultant, a certified ethical hacker and many more jobs.
Can You Get Jobs in Hacking?
by: Logan Shields
What is Hacking?
Hacking is to write or refine computer programs skillfully as said from the Free Dictionary. It is also defined as to use one's skill in computer programming to gain illegal or unauthorized access to a file or network.
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