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GoogleFest 2010

Presentation to ASMSA employees on Google Applications

Daniel Moix

on 18 June 2010

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Transcript of GoogleFest 2010

Collaborating with
Google Docs Forms & Spreadsheets Calendar & Presentations Google Sites Daniel Moix
ASMSA PD Day Google Docs is an online word processor.
No more lost flash drives
No more "I can't open .docx files in my room"

The Document is in the cloud
Save one copy that everyone can access
Invite people to collaborate
No more attachments/full inboxes

Handy features
Revision History
Color-coded comments
Easy PDF conversion
Make any doc into a web page
Build Your Own Study Guide
Create a new doc, enter some directions, and get the link to share!

Use a URL shortener like http://bit.ly or http://is.gd to share the URL doej@asmsa.org Peer edit my FIRM paper? Will you have time to peer
edit my FIRM paper this
week? If so, please use
orange for your comment

Thanks! asmsacalendar@gmail.com Underwater Basket Weaving Fall 2010 Course calendar for students in Underwater Basket Weaving Fall 2010. Use this to
embed the calendar Use this long email address
to share the calendar Template: A pre-built starter
website. Once you choose it,
you're stuck with it.

Theme: A pre-selected pallette
of fonts, colors, and backgrounds.
You can change your theme as
often as you wish. Video will not display until you save the page.

Select L-C-R, and turn Wrap on or off. Pics you've uploaded Choose from your computer Paste the URL of something online Make image small, left-aligned, and turn on wrapping
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