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Unit planning

No description

Abdellah Elt

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of Unit planning

What is unit planning?
Is unit planning important?
Helps you decide what to teach and how to teach it.
Keeps you on pace to reach your unit goals.
Creates opportunities to stimulate student interest .
The process of planning forces you to reflect on what you want to accomplish in each unit and how best to do so.
Planning helps you control how class time is used and, as a result of reflection, use that time as productively as possible.

It is required to know what students have achieved and what they have failed to achieve. Evaluation should be mainly self evaluation.

Unit Planning
Prepared by: Karima Msairi
Abdellah El Baz

Focus moves from broad to narrow
Creating Unit plans: the eight steps
1. Develop your unit vision
2. Create your summative unit assessment
3. Translate your learning goals into lesson objectives
4. Sequence your content and scaffold your lesson objectives
5. Schedule your objectives on the school calendar
6. Create your beginning-of-unit diagnostic tool
7. Continually adjust your plan

Criteria of a Good Unit
What are the types of unit planning?
Thematic unit
Goals based unit
Project based unit
Game based unit

Topic Selection
Topic selection controls all that you plan. Once you have chosen a unit topic you will be able to focus in on each activity that you have selected to comprise the entire unit.
Begin with the end in mind
What is unit planning?
Is unit planning important?
Creating unit plans: the seven steps
Criteria of a good unit
What are the types of unit planning?
Topic selection
Unit plan: suggested format
The end in mind
You should walk away with an understanding of:
Unit Planning
questions to ask
Step 1: pertinence and significance
Connect the topic to the students' interests.
Make sure your topic is substantive and important
Step 2: Diversity
Design activities around the multiple intelligences and multiple learning styles
Use materials that draw upon the richness different cultures and social perspective
Step 3: Depth and discovery
Challenge your students to reevaluate the old assumptions and explore new possibilities
Step 4: Balance and Challenge
Allow the students to explore and examine their assumptions so they can open their minds to new possibilities

Unit planning begins with identifying the particular content to be taught and your goals for learning outcomes.
It is developed by the teacher.
It contains multiple lessons that are related.
It is an important part of the teaching and learning process.
Each lesson is a part of the whole unit and leads to the developments of next lesson in the unit.
The unit plan provides a general outline of the specific lessons to be taught .

It should consider the needs, competencies, abilities, and interests of the students.
It should take into account the previous experiences and background of the students.
It should provide new experiences the students have not done before.
The unit material should consist of familiar and related topics.
It should help anticipate and satisfy some of the future needs of the students.

Thank You For Your Attention
We welcome your questions, suggestions, and comments!
A careful unit planning is the road to successful teaching which provides you with a sense of direction and organization. Lack of planning encourages tumbling and indecision with accompanying discipline problems.
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