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tropical rain forrest

No description

Sarah Perez

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of tropical rain forrest

Tropical Rainforests By: Cyan, Sarah, Angela, Rachel, and Natalie Weather, Climate, Geographic features Pictures Climate Geographic Features Weather Animals Plants Trees Animals, Plants, Ect. Gold Lions Tamarin: Are one of the most endangered mammals.
Bengal Tigers: They weigh up to 575 pounds but they are not the biggest tigers in the world.
Dawn Bats: They are depended on by bananas and peaches in the area.
Harpy Eagle: They have a 7ft. wingspan and easily twist and turn in the area.
Slender Loris: They are a small nocturnal primate found only in tropical rainforests.
Toco Toucan: They are the largest of the toucans, it can get up to 24-60 inches in length.
King Cobra: They are found in the southeast asian rain forests. Coconut Tree: Coconut trees all have a tall graceful trunks topped by a crown light feathery leaves that are 15-17 feet long.
Kapok Tree: Kapok trees occupies a very important role in the Amazon rainforest ecosystem.
Mangrove Forests: Mangroves are woody, specialized types that can live on the edge, where rainforests meet oceans.
Strangler Figs: Hundreds of animals like pigeons, parrots, horn-bills, toucans, monkeys, gibbons, and fruit-eating bats, feed on the sweet fruit of the fig tree.
Tualang: Rainforest plants supply over 25 percent of the medicines we use, as well as 40 percent of the world's oxygen. Orchids: They are delicate and unique and many only grow in certain parts of the world.
Bengal Bamboo: They can be found in the biome of the Southeast rainforest.
Bougainvillea: The brants can be seen in all shades of pink and purple, red, yellow, white, salmon, and orange.
Curare: The Curare vine is a rich source of alkaloids.
Durian:The Durian is widely revered as the "King Fruit" in the Southeast Asian countries.
Jambu: Jambu grows naturally from southern India to Eastern Malaya. The weather there has a very wet environment.
There is no dry seasons.
The total of rainfall is between 1500 and 2500 mm.
Humidity is always high. During the day, the temperature is around 30-35 degrees Celsius.
During the night, the temperature is around 20-25 degrees Celsius. The Climate is humid because of the rainfall.
The rainforest has a significant amount of precipitation.
One of the main sources for oxygen.
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