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Letters of Rec

No description

Montclair AVID

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Letters of Rec

Letters of Recommendation
College Application Process
Essential Question: Why are letters of rec important and who/how do I ask for one?
Letters of Rec give schools a look at you beyond your grades. They provide the school a snapshot of the type of student and person you are.
Who do I ask for a Letter of Rec?
Ask academic teachers(math, sci, Eng, Language, etc..)
Ask teachers that can attest to your academic ability
The best letters are from teachers who know you well, who you have formed a bond with, and in whose class you have either performed fairly well or demonstrated interest.
How and When do I ask for a letter of Rec?
Once you have decided what teacher(s) to ask you will:
During JR year you will decide who to ask for a letter of rec
Senior Year:
You should give each teacher at least 3 weeks to complete a letter of rec
You will go back to the teacher(s) you thought of during JR year and ask for their email address & give them your brag sheet & transcript if they agree.
After the teacher has completed the letter you will
Hand Write
a thank you note and deliver it.
The Cal State EOP application will require 2 letters of rec. for each EOP application
Each Private school application usually requires 2 letters of rec as well.
If applying through the Common Application the same teachers can be used for all private schools.
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