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What Would Jesus Tweet?

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Jason Kidd

on 19 October 2013

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Transcript of What Would Jesus Tweet?

What Would Jesus Tweet?
Navigating Social Media & Technology
in the New Evangelization

Follow Jesus & Adapt
Incarnate the Gospel
into our world today.
The NEW Evangelization:
1 - Examine State of 21st Century US:
2 - Effect on the Church:
3 - Effect on our Young People:
Broken & Split Families
Mobile/Transient - Move around
Both Parents Work
Parents are Friends NOT Mentors
Church is LAST - *if time available
More, Bigger, Better
No such thing a right / wrong
look out for #1
disconnected - Tech.
Story: Jesse Clayton
Stats Today
Fasting growing religious demographic is "NONES" aka "Unaffiliated". 16%
24% of 18-29 Year olds
Of these NONES: 94% believe in God or a "universal spirit"
30% are FORMAL Members of religious congregations - aka they are in our pews!
2.6 % of Catholic Adults are converts
10.1 % of Adults have left the Catholic faith
Nearly 4 times as Many have left than entered
"Catholicism (the body of Christ) is HEMORRHAGING members" - Matthew Kelly
But where are they going?
15% become Protestant

9% of that become Evangelical
Why? "My Spiritual Needs were not being meet" - consumerism?
14% become "Nones"
Why? 71% "Simple drifted away"
"Catholics who leave, leave early" - Young Adults
Catholics to "None" - 79% left by age 23
Catholics to "Protestant" - 66% by age 23
Current Situation:
When what worked before...
Does NOT work any more!
But Jason, they will come back for the Sacraments: Marriage, Baptism, Eucharist?
The number of "Catholic Marriages" celebrated in the church has
decreased by 60%
b/w 1972 -2010
Mass Attendance - 2007 Cara Survey:
65+ 45%
47-64 20%
26-46 13%
18-25 10%

More than 1/2 of Catholics are now under age 46 & their mass attendance is almost to single digits
"The same dynamics that affect the larger Catholic Community are also evident among Hispanics."

When they "inculturate" into the US, they loose their Catholic Identity just like Anglos.
Many Mainline Protestant churches are dying on the vine.... and will be dead in the next few generations. The reason we Catholics are not seeing that (yet) is because of the Hispanic Immagration. But.......
Suicide - 3rd leading cause of death for 15-19 year olds.
25% report feeling sad or hopeless everyday for an extended period of time the previous year.
Effects of Stress & Broken Families in our world.
They are HURTING.

On average young people have sex for the 1st time around age 17, but do NOT marry till there mid-20s.
This means they are
having sex for about a decade longer before they marry
, so there is an increased change for STI's, unwanted pregnancies (either aborted or born to single mom).
2009 - 11.1% of youth in grades 9-12 were involved in a physical fight.
1 in 5 students reported being bullied on school property in the past year.

75% of students have consumed alcohol by the end of high school.
These inhibits good decisions and is also related to #1 cause of teenage deaths, accidents
1 out of 5 twelfth graders is a current smoker, which often leads to other addictions.
What's are Response???
Ongoing Formation of active Catholics - aka You & ME grow & go deeper in relationaship to God!
Reaching out to inactive Catholics
Reaching out to those with no faith experience
Transform society into God's Kingdom
Its about Relationship:
put people not only in touch but in communion, in intimacy, with Jesus Christ: only He can lead us to the love of the Father in the Spirit and make us share in the life of the Holy Trinity.
- John Paul II, On Catechesis in our Time
Tools to help us CONNECT....
Tools & Resources:
To save you TIME so that you can BE WITH PEOPLE
(aka real ministry).
Its about People NOT Programs!
Basics: Projector & Screen, Audio/Mic/Music,
Tools & Resources Cont...
2 click rule
Social Media
Instagram: photo sharing
HUGE w/ Middle schoolers
Largest Social Network -Personal website
Friend - Parish "Person"
Like - FB "Page"
Create Events & Invite teens
Share w/ Parents what happening
Fastest growing Social Network
"Follow" People
See Trends
News finds you
Apps (applications)
All this stuff is
to take over Face to Face interaction & true Ministry.
These tools can be
Make sure to disconnect & recharge with God.
Thank You!
Thoughts Questions?

* I am NOT a pro, & had to "learn" this stuff... so you can too!
Post Modern
Consumers - want to try it out
Lack of Commitment - want to see if real/true
Busy - Idol is Success ($, Power, Sports, College, etc.)
Spiritual but NOT Religious - keep at a distance
Shallow Relationships - skeptical of authentic
Process of Conversion:

Old School: Believe, Belong, then Behave

Current: Belong, Behave, then Believe
“In the final analysis, the truth of Christ is the full and authentic response to that human desire for relationship, communion and meaning which is reflected in the immense popularity of social networks. Believers who bear witness to their most profound convictions greatly help prevent the web from becoming an instrument which depersonalizes people, attempts to manipulate them emotionally or allows those who are powerful to monopolize the opinions of others. On the contrary, believers encourage everyone to keep alive the eternal human questions which testify to our desire for transcendence and our longing for authentic forms of life, truly worthy of being lived. It is precisely this uniquely human spiritual yearning which inspires our quest for truth and for communion and which impels us to communicate with integrity and honesty.”`
- Pope Benedict XVI


“Truth, Proclamation and Authenticity of Life in the Digital Age”

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