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michael said

on 30 November 2012

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Summary I recommend this book to... I recommend this book to all kids 7 years old or older because their are some word witch were difficult to understand and I also recommend this book to all people in this classroom who love/like mystery books. THE HARDY BOYS: THE TOWER TREASURE Main characters My favorite Characters My favorite characters are Frank and Joe Hardy because they are courageous,they take risks, when they open the trap door witch was locked they could have fell and been crushed into little pieces.They are smart because every clue they get they examined it carefully. I liked this book because... I liked this book because there were a lot of mysteries and you just can't bare whats going to happen next .You want to know if Frank and Joe hardy will they find Chet's jalopy(car) and will they find the jewels, bonds and securities or will they not find it,its a mystery you find out yourself. The main characters are:
Frank Hardy:Detective
Joe Hardy:Detective
Mr. Hardy:Detective
Mrs. Hardy:Makes breakfast every morning
Chet Morton:Owns Jalopy(car)
Iola Morton:sister of Chet
Callie: Franks friend witch is a girl
The Robinson's :The father,twin sisters,mother.son
Oscar Smuff:Mean Detective
Chief Collig:The chief of detectives
Hurd and Adelia Applegate:Own the Mansion This book is about three detectives named Frank, Joe and Mr. Hardy. Frank is 14 and Joe is 13, they are on two mysteries, one of them is to find Chet Morton's jalopy (car) witch was stolen from him one night. The other mystery is to find the missing jewels, bonds and securities witch were also stolen from Hurd and Adelia Applegate one night. At 12:00pm Hurd Applegate woke up and found the safe open and all the jewels, all the bonds and all the securities were gone so Hurd Applegate suspected it was Mr. Robinson because in one day Mr. Robinson had $900 and at first he had $500 so Mr. Robinson keeps on trying to explain he didn't do it but Hurd Applegate keeps on asking him questions it seems to be a tough one for the Hardys.Will Frank and Joe Hardy find Chet Morton's jalopy(car)?Will the three detectives find out who stole the jewels, bonds and the securities and bring it back to Mr. Applegates you find out? READ IT IF YOU DARE Rating I RATE THIS BOOK 5 STARS
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