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Valerie Adams

Character: Recall, Convergent, Divergent, Evaluative

Oriana Hansell-Pune

on 8 September 2012

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Transcript of Valerie Adams

VALERIE ADAMS Who is Valerie? She is a shot-putter from New Zealand.
What sport does she play? Shot-put.
Where did she come from? She comes from Tonga originally but represents NZ.
What school did she go to? Aorere College in Auckland.
How old is she? 27 years old.
Is she married? Not anymore, she is divorced. Her name when she Valerie Vili.
Who is her coach? JP (Jean Pierre)
When did she start? 1998 in High School. RECALL What are her greatest achievements? When she won GOLD at the London 2012 Olympic Games because someone cheated.
Who are her greatest supporters? Her family and her coach (and her NZ fans / supporters)
How did people support her? By cheering, by celebrating her achievements, by watching her and giving her advice as well as encouraging her.
What difficulties / challenges did she face? Getting divorced, breaking up from her old coach, missing her chance to have a GOLD medal ceremony at the London 2012 Olympics, when she first won silver she was heartbroken. CONVERGENT How did Valerie find the
CHAMPION within? What keeps her going when she just wants to give up? She thinks about her country because she loves NZ.
When could I start my journey to be a champion? When I have all the things that make up character because that will make you a champion.
Why / How did she start her journey as a champion?
When did s/he realize she had what it took to be a champion?
How did she cope with loss / challenge? Just move on because at the end of the day it will still be there.
How does she cope with success? DIVERGENT What links can we make to our plans that assess our character attribute and physical hurdle? She has humility because she is not a show off. She can lose with grace because when she loses she doesn't swear or do something rude. She has Integrity because she is honest and she did not take any drugs. She has optimism because she is sure that she is going to win a medal.
What are my strengths in achieving my physical and emotional goals? Never giving up, wanting to win and trying my hardest.
What can I learn from Valerie Adams that can help me find the champion within? To leave all the things the are in her way and forget about it. EVALUATIVE
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