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Madagascar Imperialism

No description

Jawad Haque

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Madagascar Imperialism

Madagascar, a independent country with Indonesian/African ancestors and with many fine resources in that wasn't in Europe. Malagasy were the rulers of this peaceful place. But that will all start to change when the French needed more space and resources.
The future colonial parent of Madagascar. The country had space but they wanted more. The French had their eyes on Madagascar. The Malagasy people didn't want any country ruling them they wanted to be independent.

That didn't stop the French having battles with them .........
Resources valuable to the French
Madagascar has many exotic resources that are useful for french people. There resources are coffee, vanilla, sugar, mango, cotton, rice, wheat, and potatoes.
Madagascar's land spread is a reason why it could plant these plants. These resource were valuable to the French.
The Battles
The French and Malagasy had several battles between each other and the French had lost all of them. France declared war on Madagascar again in 1894. It wasn't until now, that with France's superior technology, the French won the battle against the Malagasy and Madagascar finally became a French Colony in 1896.
Madagascar's Resistance
Madagascar put up a good fight against France, it took many years for the French to finally take over the country. However, so much damage was done to the Malagasy over the years, that their armies, courage, and persistence eventually started to break. Madagascar was a strong, fighting country against France advanced technology, involving guns and steel. However in the end, they were not able to keep up with the fight, and they soon became a French Colony when they could no longer resist the French.
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Were the Malagasy treated well?
NO, because the french had abused them and made them slaves. Also the Malagasy were forced to fight for the French in World War 2.
An example is when the Malagasy revolted against the French.

June 26,1960 was when Madagascar got independence from France.
France had given Madagascar and many other African countries independence because after World War 2, the French had a war against one of there other colonies, after the war the French colony empire was over and Madagascar got their independence.
In the signing of the independence of Madagascar, Charles de Gaulle the French president, Philibert Tsiranana the Malagasy president, and other french and malagasy officials attended this signing in Paris, France.
Lasting Impacts
There are many impacts from the imperialism time like in language, food, travel, and more.
The French had built railways and had improved the roads of Madagascar that they still use
The French language being spoken in Madagascar
Some French cuisines, cooked beef, and chicken being eaten
New types of crop from France were planted like coffee and tobacco and these plants are still grown
The religion Christianity came from the French missionaries.
Modern Day Madagascar
Modern Madagascar is better then it was in the imperialism time. Education has changed for the better and more children have been going to school. The leaders and people are still trying to clean up Madagascar from the time of imperialism. The government began a policy of encouraging foreign companies to build industrial plants. Madagascar is a peaceful country now, it isn't having any war.
The End

By: Jawad Haque and Brian Natale
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