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The Warehouse

New Venture Project Idea

Emily Grill

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of The Warehouse

The Business Salvage Goods Creating a CUlture The Warehouse By: Emily Grill, Melissa Manke,
Kaitlyn O'reilly & Lisa Myslajek Schmidt Removal of
unwanted items Internships for student workers Decrease national Footprint Team Assessment CEO- Emily Grill CFO-Katie O'Reilly Marketing Director-
Melissa Manke HRM-Lisa Myslajek
Schmidt "Every year, the average college student in the United States throws out 640 pounds of garbage. Much of this waste is generated by students as they move out of housing at the end of each academic year" (Heller). Target Market University of Minnesota Students Living in Dinkytown,
Stadium Village,
Marcy Holmes, Como Ages 18-24 Marketing Strategy Word of Mouth Minnesota Daily Social Networking sites Email Welcome Week Events Industry Analysis Competitor Analysis Performance Expectations
and Products Furniture Lighting Domestics Kitchen Supplies and
Appliances Media and Books Clothing Electronics Capital Requirements Valuation Analysis Employee Profile Undergraduate students Recent graduates Team-Based Management Internships Sales Associates Risk Profile Exit Strategy Start up Plan Aquire goods Remodel building Grand opening First week of school event Questions? Purchase Building-$1,400,000.00
Store Front-$5,000.00
Interior Décor-$10,000.00
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