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Gender Differences

No description

Giana Nieto

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Gender Differences

By: Giana Nieto. Dominique Brookins.
Emma Loucks. & Melissa Franklin. Gender Differences 1) Defining of Sex & Gender
2)Gender Stereotypes from Ferris State
3)Role of Hormones
4) Brain Organization
5) Observational Learning
6) Self Socialization
7) Gender Roles
8) Sources of Gender Role
9) Conclusion Table of Contents The Role of Hormones Hormones play a different role in both males and females depending upon the androgen's during prenatal development. Observational Learning Self-Socialization There are three main steps:
Children learn to classify themselves as male or female an to recognize their sets as a permanent quality.
Self categorization motivates them to value those characteristics and behaviors associated with their sex.
They strive to bring their behavior in line with what is consider gender appropriate in their culture. Three main sources of influence:
Media Sources of Gender Role Socialization Gender Sterotypes Findings on gender and behavior are very complex and confusing, though evidence does show one general conclusion.
Biological factors and environment factors both contribute to gender differences in behavior as well as all other aspects of development. Conclusion Children tend to imitate adults of the same sex.
Daughter & Mother
Son & Father Early Learning Brain Development Gender Roles Sex: The biologically based categories of female and male.
Gender: Culturally constructed distinctions between femininity and masculinity. Defining of Sex & Gender widely held beliefs about females' and males males' ablilites, personal traits, and social abilities.
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