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The peak of evolution? (4)

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Raquel Martínez

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of The peak of evolution? (4)

The peak of evolution?
What is a hominid?
Human and human like forms.
Family Hominidae:
only one contemporary species
Includes fossil forms of distinctly human ancestors and related species that where clearly differentiated from the other hominoids and evolved in human direction.

Being a Hominid
Generalized characteristics:
Shortened snout
rely less on their sense of smell and more on vision.
reduced number of teeth.
Several types of teeth
incisors, canines, premolars, molars
eat a variety of foods and process food efficiently.
incisors for biting
canines for shearing
premolars and molars for crunching food
Forward facing eye orbits
increased emphasis on vision,
position the eyes best for taking in the most visual stimuli.
Stereoscopic vision
resulting in what's called depth perception. (forest dwelling).
Three bones of the middle ear in a skull outgrowth (ear)
Clavicles (collarbones)
extensive shoulder motion
only bony link between the upper limb and the trunk.
Two separate bones in the forearm and lower leg
allows for better limb motion
more precise movements.
Nails instead of claws
allow primates to manipulate objects
Increased thumb mobility
manipulating objects.
lemurs lorises great apes humans
Grasping feet
more big toe mobility for grasping and climbing.
being part of a social group
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