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"The Other Foot"

No description

Anissa Boissiere

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of "The Other Foot"

"The Other Foot"
The other foot is a touching twisted version of segregation in the late 1980s. The story takes place on Mars, inhabited solely by black people (Martians). The Martians hear rumors and realize that a rocket, from Earth, will soon land on Mars. They are quickly filled with anger and start to “prepare” for the arrival of the rocket. Dividing into groups and start to paint signs that say “for white” and rope off areas for white people only. Once the white man lands on mars, most people are ready to kill him. But as the old man starts talking, the people are captivated by his words. He talks about what happened and how the Earth looks presently. Martians ask about their past lives on earth and if anything remained, The white man explained that the survivors on earth needed another planet to live on, and asked to make peace with the people. He asked for a new, fresh start on behalf of the survivors from earth, the Black people agreed.


(1) Exposition
Setting: On Mars, between late 1980's - early 1990's

Characters: Hattie, Willie (36), little boys, various neighbors, old white man

Time: Daytime

(2) Rising Action
-When the news is spread about the white man arriving on Mars
-Hattie telling her children stories about the white men and Earth
-Hattie talking to the Brown family
-Willie (Hattie's Husband) comes home angry, starts grabbing ropes, paint and guns
-The people start painting segregated sides in theaters and trolley buses; ropes segregating blacks from whites

(3) Climax
When the white man, in the rocket, lands on Mars
(4) Falling Action
-The old, white man begins to talk about the past...what has happened since the black race left Earth 20 years ago
-Shows pictures of areas destroyed
- White man apologizes for being a fool
(5) Resolution
Both races realize that a fresh start would be the best solution; wanting to live together in harmony and equality
The Mood of, "The Other Foot", started out calm and peaceful; in the rising action, leading up to the climax it was becoming stressful and rushed. In the climax, it was shocking/mesmerizing; in the falling action, leading to the resolution the mood lightened up, it was forgiving and heartfelt.
The overall theme had a cause-and-effect action to it, it started out as revengeful/ getting even and hatred....but ended with forgiveness and the thought that everyone deserves a second chance
Written by: Ray Bradbury
Presentation by: Anissa B., Eva G., and Melanie C.
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