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HR and Globalization

No description

Raquel De Mayo

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of HR and Globalization

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Brittany Ferraro Emily Berkes
Kyle Jackson Matthew Hunter
Raquel Simana Human Resources and Globalization Evolution of Global Business "Organizations must either globalize or they will die" (Mondy 384)

One big marketplace working together Reasons for Going Global Stay competitive
Get rid of trade barriers
Regulations and restrictions
Meet consumer demands
Earn greater profits Getting Started Participate in exporting, licensing and franchising
develop a multinational corporation (MNC), a global corporation (GC), or a transnational corporation Global Strategic Human Resource Management Five functions:
Human resource development
Safety and health
Employee labor relations Global Legal and Political Factors The stability of legal and political systems varies from country to country
Developed countries have stable political systems
Developing countries have very turbulent legal and political systems EEO and Sexual Harassment Many countries have made strides in adapting EEO acts in recent years
Australia Germany
Canada South Africa
France United Kingdom Questions? Global Staffing Types of Global Staff Members Expatriates
Host-country nationals
Third-country nationals Top Executives Knowledge about international policies
Dedicated to meeting expectations
Getting information to be used for improvements in products and services Tips for Successful Global Staffing Full-time, native language HR specialist
Regional hub Global HR Development The importance of global training
Expatriate training an development process
60% of int’l assignments fail due to lack of cultural training and support
Pre-move Orientation and Training
Continual development
Repatriation orientation and training
Global E-learning Global Compensation Compensation for host country nationals
Expatriate compensation
Executive pay trends around the world
Western European Trends
North American Trends
Asian Trends
Middle East & Gulf Region Trends Global Safety and Health Industries are moving operations to developing countries to cut costs
The pressure to deregulate the basic standards for health and safety is growing international 250 Million Accidents in the workplace each year
335,000 fatalities
1 million people die each year from the 160 million illnesses caused from pollution Moving to developing countries where there are less regulation and less enforcement reduces costs while increasing health and safety risks
High Risk and Low Prevention levels The fact of employment relations being affected by globalization is undisputed however the nature and significance of it is still not clear Global Employee and Labor Relations The dependence of an industry in one country on another country’s supply of the materials
Cross border union cooperation
Dependent upon factors such as centralization of bargaining and unions’ direct access to workplaces North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
Unions oppose similar agreements however they do want atleast some labor standards extending across borders Sexual Harassment is a growing global problem
Cross-cultural differences lead to potential sexual harassment problems Thank You! Outsourcing and Offshoring Profitability
Creation of highly skilled jobs for Americans
Loss of less skilled or entry level jobs for Americans
Pros and Cons Brittany Ferraro Raquel Simana N. Emily Berkes Kyle Jackson Matthew Hunter
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