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Oaxaca Presentation

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Joel Gustafson

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Oaxaca Presentation

Oaxaca Presentation

Joel Gustafson The Food of Oaxaca Oaxaca is famous for several kinds of food moles chocolate tejate First, the moles. Fried mole is a traditional
Oaxacan dish. Just Kidding. A mole is general term for a sauce. ("mow-lay") Oaxaca is a mountainous state and grows lots of different herbs and spices.

Because of this, it is sometimes called "The Land of the Seven Moles," from the seven moles that are native to Oaxaca. mole negro
mole colorado
mole amarillo
mole verde
mole chichilo
mancha mateles - literally, "tablecloth stainer" These are also called the "Seven Wonders of Oaxaca." The city of Oaxaca is also famous for its chocolate. In Mexico, chocolate isn't
usually eaten "raw." It is
usually part of something,
like hot chocolate or Mole
Negro. Oaxaca chocolate is famous nation-wide for having cinnamon and almond sub-flavors. It is usually served as a hot drink with a sweet roll. "Chocolate El Mayordomo" is ahuge chocolate manufacturer in Mexico.

Their website says that they are "El Sabor de Oaxaca." Tejate is an energy drink native to Oaxaca City. corn
cacao beans
pits of the "mamey" plant
All in a blender. Tejate is also known as
"The Drink of the Gods"
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