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What came across our desk in Fiscal Year 2013?

We hope you'll take a few moments to see what came across Donors Forum's desk in Fiscal Year 2013 (July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013). This year, instead of a printed report, we've used an interactive, online Prezi to share our accomplishments.

Donors Forum

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of What came across our desk in Fiscal Year 2013?

Donors Forum, with The Bridgespan Group, hosted
Real Talk About Real Costs,
a convening
that brought together over 300 funders and nonprofits to tackle the perception of nonprofit overhead costs. Together they:

The Illinois Nonprofit Advisory Council
Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka
announced on July 27, 2013 the formation of the new
Illinois Nonprofit Advisory Council. Valerie S. Lies, Donors Forum’s President and CEO,
is a member. The Council will convene to address the severe and persistent fiscal challenges facing nonprofits due to delays in state payments.

Donors Forum's 2013 Annual Luncheon
'Getting Society Un-Stuck' is the Role of Social Entrepreneurs, says Luncheon Keynote Dr. Cheryl Dorsey
Enduring social problems call for new approaches and solutions, ones that break down existing silos and build new models of public and private cooperation to effect sustainable change. That was the message of Dr. Cheryl Dorsey, President of Echoing Green, who delivered the keynote address at Donors Forum's Annual Luncheon
on June 21, 2013.
Communities of Practice
Policy Wins In Springfield
Protected nonprofit
advocacy and lobbying rights
Donors Forum convened two Communities of Practice: one on
streamlining the grant application process
and one on
tackling nonprofit overhead

The groups
brought both grantmakers and nonprofits together
to learn from national experts on the topics, develop relationships with each other, and brainstorm solutions to some of the toughest challenges that impact the nonprofit and philanthropic sector.
Illinois State Budget Forum
Donors Forum contributed expert testimony, research, and best practices to the state's work around
Budgeting for Results.
2014 and beyond...
Engaging For Impact
2013 by the Numbers
Second Annual Illinois Nonprofit
Conference + Public Policy Institute
841 Forum Partners, 187 Members,
33 Associate Members
Wrestled with what it costs – really, fully, all-in – for nonprofits to deliver strong impact
Tackled the role that overhead plays in long-term nonprofit sustainability
Shaped resources that support open, honest communication about costs among nonprofits and foundations
We listened to you.
We heard what you want in a new Donors Forum.
And we're making some exciting changes!
Building on the Donors Forum’s long history as the go-to place for both philanthropy and nonprofits in Illinois, we’re launching a new, three-year, strategic plan,
Engaging for Impact,
that will involve you more deeply and effectively to help achieve our common goal of improving lives and strengthening communities.
Learn more and join us:
289 elected officials, policymakers, and staff reached through our advocacy outreach
364 changemakers learned about our
Library's resources through free orientations
406 nonprofit pros' skills enhanced through
our capacity-building workshops
What came across our desk
in Fiscal Year 2013?
And, over 4,700 people around the world viewed our companion video,
"If We Want Our Funding to Change The World..."

More than 250 participants
from around the state
learned about policy, best
practices, and each others’
work at the second annual
Illinois Nonprofit Conference and Public Policy Institute.
Keynote Speakers
Robert Egger,
Founder and President of DC Central Kitchen and of CForward, an advocacy organization
Farra Trompeter,
Vice President of Big Duck, a New York-based communications firm

The Donors Forum Library
After a renovation -- prompted by water
damage caused by a burst pipe -- the
Library reopened, better than ever!

Over 1,108 research requests were
fulfilled, and 364 people utilized the
Library resources.
1,461 grantmakers honed their craft at 62 programs held by 20 Member Issue Groups and Peer Networks
2013 by the Numbers, con't.
38 grantmakers representing 21 organizations built their skills at the 2013 Grantmakers
Ann Goggins Gregory,
Senior Director of
Knowledge at
The Bridgespan Group
author of
The Nonprofit Starvation Cycle,
facilitated the discussion.
Participants had opportunity to discuss
the true cost of delivering strong impact
in groups consisting of both nonprofit leaders + funders.
Illinois Nonprofit Conference participants
boosted their nonprofits' capacity
through an
array of workshops.
At the Public Policy Institute, nonprofit professionals, policy advocates, + grantmakers met to develop
successful approaches for the difficult public policy challenges
our organizations and communities face today.
Attendance topped 500 at the 2013 Annual Luncheon, the region's premier networking and educational event for staff members, volunteers, and advisors engaged in philanthropy, nonprofits, and social ventures.
Donors Forum's
2013 Annual Luncheon
Learn more at http://www.donorsforum.org
Protected nonprofits from
duplicative reporting requirements
-- again!
Promoted charitable
giving with the landmark passage of the
Endow Illinois bill
in the Illinois Senate
At the
Member Breakfast,
considered how to respond strategically + effectively to emerging trends in poverty in our region.
Environmental Grantmakers Group
(one of our Member Issue Groups) visited Calumet and the Millennium Reserve.
Providing Grantmaker Education + Networking
Nonprofits built their capacity at workshops on
Proposal Writing, Individual Giving,
Program Evaluation.
And, we had a full house for our new workshop,
Nonprofits 101: Introduction to Being a Nonprofit Professional.

Providing the Resources + Training
Nonprofits Need to Succeed
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