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CP9B English

English Picnik Project

Diana Martinez

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of CP9B English

Picnik in the Educational World Picnik can be used in the educational
world in many ways. Picnik can be used to edit photos, make
online albums, collages, and slideshows. Teachers can also use Picnik in the classroom for making decorations. Picnik can be used to edit photos that will go into the school yearbook, school newspaper, and school website. Picnik can be used to make postcards
to send to a student's penpal. Picnik was created
for many reasons. Picnik was created for a small
downtown seattle business. The creators of Picnik are: Mike, Darrin, and Jonathan. Picnik was launched in
September 2007. Picnik has impacted the rest of the world as well as the company itself. Picnik is not only available in English,
it is also available in Spanish, German,
as well as others. Picnik is a merging application in Australia. 45 Million pictures were
uploaded in January 2009. Picnik was happy to announce
that they joined the growing Google family
on March 2011. Why YOU should care... This application can be used in
digital photography classes. It is an easy to use apllication, and can be used for any photo editing process. Picnik can not only enhance a students' creativity, it can also make the projects/work of a student look more creative. The resaerch on Picnik has showed me that even if you start off small, you can always end up being the biggest adn the best.
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