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ignis et aqua!

just ignis et aqua!

Jessica Vo

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of ignis et aqua!

here tells you about the connections of life and how this biome is able to adapt to this harsh environment.
ignis et aqua is near the earths equator. Sometimes you might be strolling in the tropical rainforest and somewhat end in ignis. As well as being near the earths equator they're also quite close to the Mediterranean sea, relating to why whomping willows are mainly found here.
The climate at ignis is quite humid because of the water and fire, usually the waters are about 48°-79° .The water creating the moist environment and the fire making it hot. The yearly rainfall is about 50 inches of rain.
The food chain & animal introduction
phoenix usually dive for water to capture food putting out the flames in there wings injuring them and sometimes killing them. Phoenix's are much like the seagulls of ignis et aqua.
sea serpent
these fish are just ordinary fish that can adapt
to the very little air and heat for quite a long
period of time. ignis et aqua produces very little heat because of the fire extinguishing the air from the water, making it harder for aquatic animals to breathe underwater.
flames produce tiny spots of lights called sparks. These
sparks are what fish feed on. As they may seem small
a large spark can keep a fish full for an entire day.
Sea serpents
sea serpents are huge creatures that would often be mistaken for the 'Loch-ness monster'. Sea serpents usually stick there heads up devouring an unlucky phoenix. Sea Serpents are quite, but not very adapted to the heat of the water as they keep dying from the rising temperature.
ignis et aqua
About ignis et aqua
ignis et aqua is a biome that combines both water and fire. ignis et aqua is a harsh environment with many dangerous animals,
as well as being dangerous most of the species are mythological.
flora (plants)
Whomping Willow
A variety of sea bird that lives in flocks, On dry land, Apkallu only waddle about on their short legs, but the ocean is a different story. They propel themselves through the water with fin-like wings at high speeds, enabling them to catch fish. Somewhere in the world, the Apkallu are a protected species and are referred to as "The Sages of the Sea." Perhaps that is why Apkallu do not fear people and behave in a friendly manner. However, angering an Apkallu is not recommended.
The Whomping Willow is a very valuable, very violent species of magical plant. Whomping Willows attack anyone and anything that comes within range of its branches. A deciduous plant, its limbs function as arms and any damage to them must be treated in much the same way.
Gillyweed is a magical plant native to the Mediterranean Sea. When it is eaten by a human, the person eating it grows gills and webbing between the fingers and toes, allowing them to breathe the oxygen from water and move underwater more easily.
Fluxweed is a member of the mustard family known for its healing properties. When picked at the full moon, it can be used in the making of the Polyjuice Potion. Polyjuice Potion is a very complicated potion that allows the drinker to look like the form of someone else.
As there are many more plants to go, none can count how much flora there is as there are over millions and millions to go through these are the main ones.. Many different colours,smells and tastes, flora are bursting with attention.

Ignis is quite like a pond but almost the size of an ocean. Around it having Fluxweed and Whomping willows near it as trees and weeds, and Gillyweed sank in the pond like seaweed. Just currents flowing down. The floor is just sand like normals seas but above the sand is roaring flames flickering to the water sometimes giving it a glint of light, making it seem as the water is sparkling give it a magical touch.
Human Impact
Ignis has impacted on people because of the people that travel below. Humans aren't suitable to go down because of the heat causing them to get overheated. Many scientist try to go with different equipment to solve how they had flames at the bottom in the first place but are still quite puzzled. Most people going down there survive because they don’t go too far but some are more daring.
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