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Minecraft Capstone

No description

Justin Oliveira

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Minecraft Capstone

By: Justin Oliveira Introduction Minecraft is an imaginative block game created by Sweedish resident Notch
The game allows users to build whatever they can think of.
The purpose of this project will work to help people better understand the effects these games have on individuals and society as a whole. Life of Notch Sweden on June 1, 1979
Ambitions -Game Developer
Overcame many obstacles
Rejection of game idea from his employed company
Carried on and created his own company Mojang
Released May 17th 2009
The game has currently 10,316,512 customers on
pc alone, and this number is still on the rise. Minecraft Incorporated in Schools SAT Minecraft in University Minecraft Engineering School “Can Minecraft be the next great engineering school?” UN Project UN project
Block by Block (Manneh)
Redesigning 300 public spaces
Nairobi’s Kibera Slum
Follow up to Mina Kvarter (My Block)in 2011
Collaboration with the Sweedish Building Center
Support local residents visualize improvements
Models constructed by Minecraft players Minecraft teaches kids to code Pi edition
Helps younger kids code and program
Control the (Minecraft) world
Increase the child's technological aspect
Advance in the age of computer software
Pi edition respective "The game presents you with a huge open world and you can do any of a dozen different reset activities, or you can go off and create your own content. That alone gives me a ton of freedom to invent content for the kids to engage in. I don't let them just play the game however they want. They must follow a path I lay out for them, which allows me to carry out lesson plans.”
(Webster) (Joel Levin Quote) Joel Levin Prep School Teacher
Lead to being board and destructive? Opposite
Levin's Example -Build Bell Tower
Limited resources
(The children learn to share to conserve materials)
Learn traditionally with the use of video games
The game brings them closer together
Real world issues
Problems resolved by negotiating Main objective collect diamonds (Rare)
Work upon this goal
Similarites to the SAT’s
Both require hours of concentration
Carry out getting to that goal
Studies show Minecraft increased mental focus
(Alexandria) One step leads to the next, wood pick for cobblestone, stone pick for iron
ore, iron pick for diamond, till you acquire that diamond and work your way to the next level of
the game’s experience. Tropical cyclone Causing their school to close Dr. Jeff Brand
Classes held on the Minecraft servers
Build The Bond University
Create their own labs and test scenarios
Tested effects of videogame violence
Minecraft experiment going smoothly
Understand how education mixed with Minecraft
Interest students to learn more productively
Broader Arts and Social Sciences Curious
Reward his students XP
Non-Talkative student participates Interview by stating, “We’re having so many
conversations about the place of gaming within culture and how that bleeds into aspects beyond entertainment,” he says. “For me this was an exercise in engaging with a space in a way that is consistent with contemporary lived experience. “This was just another opportunity for us to connect” (Brand, Jeff). (teaches, writes, and travels globally) Partner of Platforme Design -Scott Smith
School known as Mines ParisTech 1783
Educating engineers
Convention held
Discussed using this as a tutorial to educating engineers (Smith)
University called Electrical Engineering and Minecraft (Smith) Helps support this generation’s intelligence. (Smeaton) “The more creative programmer will only be limited by their imagination. Want to build
a digital clock into the wall of your house which displays the real time? Easy. Want to get
back at a friend who stole your precious diamonds? Remove the floor from underneath
their feet and let them fall into a pit of lava. The possibilities are endless” (Kapplan). Minecraft PBS “Some experts have brought Minecraft into the classroom, allowing teachers to customize
lessons and students to engage with concepts in new ways. And while educational games
aren't new, Minecraft has some unique advantages that could usher in a new direction in
education. In the future, students across the world may spend their class time punching
trees” (PBS). PBS explains Minecraft benefits non-academic skills
Problem solving
Critical thinking
All productive skills in life
Important factors for leaders and entrepreneurs
Not so much for the factory workers our current
education system is designed to produce. (Walters) Minecraft and CAD Why pay 1000 dollars compared to Minecraft’s 26 dollar price? Human dynamics group at the MIT Media Lab
Cody Summer Summer stated “Want to learn computer-aided design (CAD)? Play Minecraft, Notch hasn't just built a game, he's also tricked 40 million people into learning to use a CAD program." (Cheshire) Many do not find CAD interesting
Building structures in CAD
Lacking appeal
Can't turn most of this new generation’s eyes
Minecraft can rebuild a city like New York
Is faster, easier, and less experience needed,
Very entertaining Mincraft Charity Work May 9, 2012 Minecraft hits Xbox 360
DLC is released (Skin Packs for player)
End of September 2012 Charity Pack announced
The pack is sold for $2
All profits go to various charities
Within just a week half a million dollars was raised
The end result the pack raised $770,448 (Phillips) “If nothing else, at least the cash you spend on this DLC will be used to help society as
a whole, instead of just lining the pockets of some faceless publisher. That seems like a
change for the positive” (Cavalli). Kurt J Mac. Inspired
Kurt J Mac
March 2011 Let’s Play series
Minecraft’s Farlands
Traveling in-game for two years (irl)
Earned over $90,000 so far
Expects make 100,000 dollars (S4)
Children Play Charity
Only about 5.57% to reaching the Farlands
Not slow down
Gives all the money directly to the charity
(Walker) Charity Game Beginings Ludum Dare 2011
The 48 build challenge
The Humble Bundle (Snatch)
$20,000 was the end result
All money goes to various charities
Mojam 2013 raised $517,489.25
Notch shave his beard if charity raised $500,000
(Walker) Minecraft the Wedding Matt and Asia
Home like responsibilities
Love was not solely based on the game
Helping relationship
Minecon (convention) Proposal
Mojang’s Lydia Winters, (Director of Fun)
How stimulating people can help them in society
(Kessler) Minecraft supports Torrents 2K Productions
Minecraft on PirateBay
2K "Would end up their anyway"
Upload it themselves (watermarked)
Incentive to buy it
Stayed free as long as sales keep coming
Notch condones piracy of the game
Experience the game first before buying the torrent provider Torrents and piracy are a way of life and it probably won't be going anywhere anytime soon. There are many people that want to punish you for that, but we have a morerealistic outlook on things.” “We've been there. We've all needed to do it at some point. Maybe you don't have the bits. Maybe you want to try before you buy. Maybe you'repissed at us for premiering the movie on Xbox Live.
(2K Productions) Notch explains that “Piracy is not theft” “If you steal a car,the original is lost. If you copy a game, there are simply more of them in the world” “There isno such thing as a ‘lost sale’. Is a bad review a lost sale? What about a missed ship date?” (Callaham) Rebuilding Earth Building the world, it seemed impossible
Player Lentebriesje has taken this as a life goal

So far, he has already completed North America, South America, Europe, and Australia, whichin return all are available to download now
Will this allow geography to be simplified that even a child could do it? “As a builder I like to build highly detailed Steve sized stuff. I try to build realistic things to create a believable and immersive experience, realistic is between quotation marks because I also build fantasy. I usually build things for the Noxcrew, where I am a build leader, but every now and then I have my own individual project that I do post here” (Lentebriesje) Fans of Minecraft
Beautiful artwork
Breathtaking landscapes
Descriptive stories
Launched it to the internet
Popular fanfiction “The Minor’s Destiny”
Fulfill their hobbies
-Music, Arts, and other forms of art Fandom “Soon, the wood turned to stone, and we leveled out the stone with our picks, forming a large square room below our house, about 10 blocks long and wide. Shadow placed stairs in a spiral pattern as we dug downward, and we placed the occasional torch so monsters wouldn't spawn. The light from the torches and the boom of thunder gave the mineshaft an ominous feel once we got deep enough.” (FullMoonFlygon) Notch Rejects EA and Steam Minecraft increase in popularity
Big companies try hosting Minecraft
Notch refuses
States Mojang is consumer friendly
Listen and respond to suggestions
Unlike Steam or EA
(Priestman) "EA releases an 'indie bundle'? That's not how that works, EA," ”Stop attempting to ruin everything” "I don't even call Mojang indie anymore anyway. Vlambeer is indie.Polytron is indie. Stephen, Ed, Terry, Derek, Tommy and Chris are indie. Indies are saving gaming, and EA is methodically destroying it” (Notch) “Being on Steam limits a lot of what we’re allowed to do with the game, and how we’re allowed to talk to our users.” (Notch) Conclusion Effective tool in learning
Studies have varied
Behavioral skills
Math to Science
Enriched many lives
Opened new methods of education
Many would not have been interested in CAD
Engineering courses before to learn these skills
Interpreted as complex and boring to simple and fun. Kids who were part of Minecraft in education experiments were shown in many instances more willing to participate with school work, instead of ignoring it, or giving up
As a tool for education, a way to relax, or even a way to build for communities it is believed that a video game can be productive in everyday society https://docs.google.com/document/d/14rYYBQaXoHhotiANNkZs8KQmlKF4HroABSAX6wRiqus/edit?usp=sharing Sources Used (Professor of Interactive Media at The Bond University)
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