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No description

qi bing

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of vb04--arraytype

Array What is array? steps for using array example 2 redim remember a example? example 1:
input: the 10 students score;
output: every score, sum and average. 1. define: input: hour and temperature
output: average dynamic array using array input score and output sum.
remember every data?
just like a joke: people up and down, question is how many stations the bus passed by? 2. using: assignment statement get value dim
array name
array size
array type example 3
input: 10 students English and computer score
output: 1. average for English and computer
2. total for more than average. sorting application for array array system functions about array ubound
lbound multidimensional array method to define using it method to define
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