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jeff kinney

No description

ethan carlson

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of jeff kinney

Jeff Kinney
Jeff Kinney
Today i will be talking about Jeff Kinney.
I will be telling you some facts about him.
I will talk about some of the books he wrote.
I will also tell you what my opinion of him is.

Some of Jeff Kinneys Work
My Opinion
Thank you for watching
He was born February 19, 1971 in Fort Washington, Maryland.
Jeff Kinney wrote the
Diary of A Wimpy Kid
Jeff Kinney is 43 years old
The series has 11 books in it. Here are two of his books.
Three of his books were made into movies.
My opinion of Jeff Kinney is he is a good writer and kids would enjoy his books. I think that if you love reading comedies you would like Jeff Kinney.
I personally like his books because they are about a kid named Greg who is in middle school with his friend Rowley. He writes in a journal but it is really a diary. He writes about all the funny things that happen to him...from making a haunted house in his basement to getting locked in his basement while his brother has a party.
I hope you learned some things about Jeff kinney.
Today he lives in Plainville, MA with his wife and two sons.
Jeff Kinney's Other Works
Besides his books Jeff Kinney created a website for kids called Poptropica. On this website you can explore islands and do quests. I have played the game before and I think it is decent.
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