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Resume of Beowulf

No description

Arri Neilson

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Resume of Beowulf

Resume of Beowulf Edgethoson
Accomplishments of Beowulf
Death of Grendel (Received Arm of Grendel Award)
Death of Grendel's mother (Received Head of Grendel Award)
Death of Great Dragon (Received Noble, Gracious, and Brave King Tower Award)
Death of five great giants (Received Eradication of Dangerous Species Award)
Death of sea monsters (Received Best Swimmer of the Year Award)
Death of all my enemies (Received Best Man to Have by Your Side in Battle Award)
Education of Beowulf
I am the wisest of my people, and the days of my youth have been filled with glory! Need I say more?
References of Beowulf
My Lord, Higlac Phone: 102-890-4447
14 Geat Lane Email: Hrocks19@gmail.com
Geatland, Scandinavia 78886

Hrothgar Phone:103- 754-3329
39 Marsh Road Email: GrendelKing47@yahoo.com
Herot, Denmark 43768

Wiglaf, Faithful Comrade Phone: 103-754-8783
45 Moored Lane Email: Wiggys_gold@hotmail.com
Herot, Denmark 43768

Cover Letter of Beowulf
Hail James Comey,
I am Beowulf Edgethoson. The days of my youth have been filled with glory! I am the wisest, most knowing, and best of my people. I have hunted monsters from the oceans, and chased five great giants into chains. This one favor you should not deny me- THAT I ALONE RECEIVE THIS POSITION OF A NOTEWORTHY FIELD AGENT IN THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION!
ME (Beowulf Edgethoson)
I am a Geat, a great and mighty warrior who answers only to my lord, Higlac. My father, Edgetho, was also a very famous soldier, and he is very wellknown throughout all lands, although he has long since passed. I have journeyed here from Geatland, a place that proudly calls itself my home.
My hobbies include slaying fierce and terrifying monsters, sailing across seas, partaking of mead, and swimming for great durations.
I sketched this portrait of myself whilst we sailed from Geatland to Denmark. It denotes my bravery and good looks.
My good comrade Wiglaf took this photograph just before I hunted down that foul mother of Grendel.
This is a photograph of myself and my comrades as children. I always wore that helmet. I was prepared for anything, even from the days of my youth.
Contact Information of Beowulf
Beowulf Edgethoson Phone: 102-890-5464 23 Wolfbear Street Email: imso_buff1@hotmail.com
Geatland, Scandanavia 78886 I have Facebook
Follow me on twitter!
Wiglaf also took this photograph. This happened as I went forth to slay the great and terrible dragon.
Movie of Beowulf
Because of my greatness, a movie was made about me and my accomplishments. If you wish to see the reenactments of my feats, you have my permission to view it, that is, if you have the stomach for it.
This is a movie poster depicting myself and my great sword, Hrunting.
Objective of Beowulf
I am expert at eliminating unwanted creatures, whether they be monster, animal, or beastly, dishonorable man. I have watched this CNN and I have seen many men who disreguard honor and nobility. If you have the desire to remove these men from their miserable existence, I am the man for the job.
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