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No description

Harvey Buckle

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of Karyotypes

To know the significance of the chromosome compliment present at metaphase
Describe the ways in which YOU think you might be SIMILAR to your parents. Discuss this with the person to your left
In the ______ of our ___s we have c______s. These contain ___. DNA contains different sections that are responsible for how we look. These sections are called ____s. There are NORMALLY __ pairs or __ c_________s in each of our c___s. This is our K___________.
17th May 2016
But Karyotyoes vary
In a male the 23rd pair is XY and in a female it is __.
In an individual with DOWNS syndrome it is ___..
In a a HORSE there are __ chromosomes.
Answer the questions on the sheet
Cut and stick and identify!!!
Read about the GENETIC reasons why we look different form each other...
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