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Allen Kurzweil

No description

Shannon Cross

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Allen Kurzweil

Allen Kurzweil
Allen Kurzweil's Books
Allen Kurzweil has many books including a
Case of Curiosities
Grand Complication
and the Leon Zeizel series. Allen is a great writer and deserves lots of praise.
Allen at Home
Allen Kurzweils popular Leon Zeizel series features a boy who follows his goals.
By :Paige Dailey
Allen has a home like anybody else and has family .He says that he is always thinking about writing.No matter where he is he thinks about writing like if he is at the mall he would be thinking up characters and clothing for books.Allen is a thinking man.
Allens Kits
Allen usually makes kits to go along with his books.for example his
Potato Chip Science kit.
Leon Zeizel Series
Allens Quote
"Do Not Underestimate the Singularity"
This is the end of my prezi was it awesome?
if you said yes you are Awesome
If you said no you stink
Get ready for the best prezi ever!
if you hated it get lost !
and if you thought it was stupid get some help from the amazing Peyton Dailey
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