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Happy Birthday Sellena!

From, Your BFFLADS

Shayla S.

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of Happy Birthday Sellena!

Happy Birthday Sellena!
I will never forget all the good times we've had :) Actually, you're the one who started the whole "good times, good times" thing, huh? We've had so many good times in Middle School, and I'm hoping we'll have more in High School.
Anyway, you're a really chill friend and the most hipster and mainstream friend I have LOL. You and your mustache case and your hipster glasses.
Your snapchats (hipster thing) are always of like Starbucks and facial expressions??? haha.
You're a really good baker, so don't stop baking goodies, cause I want some mo'. <--- hipster way of saying more? i dunno.
You laugh is like contagious, and I hope you don't die of hyperventilation or lack of oxygen, cause that would be really unfortunate... (HOLY CRAP, I ACCIDENTALLY WROTE I HOPE YOU DIE OF, INSTEAD OF I HOPE YOU DON'T DIE OF! OH CROP! <--- Hahaha, get it? But I changed it, no worries... Hakuna Matata <--- Another mainstream thing :p)
I hope you like your birthday present! Actually, I think you'll like it very much... :) I'M NOT GIVING ANYTHING AWAY! Even though when you read this, you'll already have received your present...
OH OH OH I JUST THOUGHT OF ANOTHER MOMENT!!! Remember 7th grade PEAK hahaha Kayaking... with Aiyush...
That's about it for now, folks!

HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY, SELLENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh F it, I'm just going to use Shayla's signature!

Christy Hi Yi Lau

HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY SELLENA!!! We've been friends for so long (since fifth grade right?). Well actually that's only four years but anyways we've had so many good times since then and this year is going to be even better :)
HAHA Do you remember in 5th grade when you hated YOU-KNOW-WHO and we made up that chat thing on Google docs where you kept ranting about her and stuff? And in 6th grade on PEAK with Mr. Edwards and his whole "I'm going to stand here and be a painting" thing and Egyptologist ahhh that was so fun :) And through all of middle school your hate for everyone *cough julia cough* LOL
AND you on instagram with all your brandy stuff and #hipsterness HASHTAGS lol that makes me think of disney :P
And all your instagram photos with all your brandy melville tank tops and t shirts and all that stuff #brandy
AND do you remember in 7th grade in multimedia? that class was horrible, I think Ms. Law hated me :P
OH I JUST REALIZED You were the one that came up with that whole BFFLADS thing #smartypants (idk hashtags are like your thing on instagram so yeah)
AND Grad night and Jake's house was so fun like our pro dancing haha and at Jake's house with all the Mean Girls' quotes. And because we know all about your hipsterness we (well more like Ben) got a you a really awesome present and we all hope you really like it :)
Your laugh always makes everyone around you smile (as cheesy as it sounds) and I hope you never stop laughing as long as you live (and I don't mean that literally cos then that would be weird).

Your BFFLAD (yeah I know, signing it the same way as Shayla and Christy but whatevs),
Hannah :)

Happy Birthday Sellena!!! I hope you have a great birthday! I really miss you as well as everyone else back in HK! I really hope you enjoy your present (I don't know if will have opened the present by the time you are reading this prezi). If have opened it then hope you like it and if you haven't then I hope you will like it. Even though I moved I really enjoy talking to you via snapchat. I still remember when we swam together in 6th and 7th grade and how much fun we had during meets. PE class in 8th grade was super fun and so was strings (especially in the end when we got to be stand partners and you were practically teaching me C major scale and in the end you gave up so I just listened to you play all the hard ones). Ah those were good times. I'm not High School won't be as fun for you guys I'm just saying Middle School was awesome cuz our stress was so stupid (like "Oh no I have a test tmrw!" In High were going to be like "I ain't prepared for my exam!") Disneyland at the end of year was sooo fun with our hashtags and everything, Graduation was also epic (I'm over exaggerating a little aren't I, it was really fun with the photo booth and our awesome dancing which consisted of jumping up and down to music and dancing behind people's backs and walking away when they turned around) the last day of school was fun with the movies we watched at Jake's house. That was actually the last time I saw all of you guys besides Alvin and Hiu Chun. I'm sort of writing a lot so I have a part II.
Hey Sellena!
Happy Birthday Sellena! Long time no see! You have been such a great friend during Middle School, remember how you called me your "best buddy"? (that didn't sound right... what was it again?) Day 6 lunches in seventh grade were also really fun! ANYWAYS, you seem to have developed into a devout hipster... :D Do you dress up in weird clothing and wear glasses without lenses? :P I heard you use Snapchat a lot, add me! My username is alvinjt05 (as usual =.=) Your outspoken attitude is AWESOME, especially when you talk about all sorts of weird stuff :D Your rather... unique sense of humor is also hilarious! Oh yeah, do you still type lyke dis? I couldn't understand a single word you wrote back then when you did that all the time :D How's your French? It's soooo hard to learn =.= there's like more irregular verbs than regular verbs =.=

Hope you enjoyed your present! LOL we thought of giving you potatoes since you said you loved potatoes in your Skype bio :D Good luck in High School!

Alvin Justin Tsuei
Yashvardhan Mehra Bardoloi:
Happy 14th Birthday Sellena! I hope you have a great day and a great year ahead! It's been a pleasure knowing you since 6th grade and being in the Shek' O "BFFLADs". Coming to think about it, I believe the acronym "BFFLAD" originated with you, so well done on coming up with it :D Sitting with you and the rest of the BFFLADs during Day 6 lunches was indeed an entertaining experience, and I shall not forget those three years of Middle School.

I look forward to Strings class with you this year, hopefully Mr. Y won't be too harsh on us :D But then again, Ms. Kam is unparalleled in her teaching style; never again will we have anyone who teaches in her fashion again!

I hope you appreciate the present we bought for you!

I wish you good luck through the four years of high school!

Yashvardhan Mehra Bardoloi
From, Your BFFLADS
Part I
There comes a time when a person celebrates his/her birthday. Upon that day, the person will turn one year older then he/she was previously. So why do we celebrate this date? Well, maybe in ancient times it meant that we have survived another year. But now, a birthday is more of a time for reflection of the previous year and the future that is yet to come. So, Sellena, on this special day, let us celebrate the moments of fun in Middle School, and look forward to all those that will happen in High School.

Part II
Sellena! Keep Swimming and Smiling, apart from when you're not smiling? But you have such a positive attitude towards everything. Can't believe it's been two years since I first knew you and can't believe we're already going to High School. You were one of my first friends when I moved to HKIS, so thank you for being there. Egyptian Rat Screw, whatevs. Still, continue to be awesome and look forward to High School. There'll be another adventure waiting for us to conquer. Hope you're in my classes next year!
Oh Crop, my harvest!
Communicating via Snapchat
6th grade...I LOOK SO WEIRD :D
#HAPPYBIRTHDAYSELLENA!!!! (see what I did there, it's an ironic hashtag)

I hope you have an amazing 14th birthday! I feel like I've known you forever...even though it was only since like 6th grade that we were friends... :P I have this like memory of you, me, and I think Natasha in math in Mr. Edwards' class from 6th grade, I don't know why :P I'm so glad that we became friends back then; I think of you as one of my closest friends. Thanks for being someone I can always trust, and for being so honest with me, even if it's bad :D I feel like I could tell you anything and you wouldn't tell anyone. You and I have like most of the same opinions on things...or maybe people...we seem to like and dislike the same people *cough cough the posse* :D You are literally one of the FUNNIEST people I've ever met. HAHA remember lunch in 7th grade, when almost everyday you would literally start ROFLing by the lockers :D And Duncan with his high tea and low tea, and asking people if they knew what scones were :P OMGOMOMG TAKE A LEFT AHAHAHAHAH (OH CROP I had to stop writing this for like 15 minutes because I was laughing so much about Take A Left :) Okay I'm done laughing, time to be serious again. I really enjoyed having you in my PCG in 8th grade, it was actually really fun. I hope we stay friends through High School and forever and ever (for life and death right?)


Shayla Marie Sandoval
P.S. I just realized you were the one who invented the acronym "BFFLAD" :D Good job I guess :D
P.P.S: Sorry we didn't get you potatoes for your birthday....
P.P.P.S: This whole P.S thing is kinda your thing...I"ll stop copying you now it's getting too #mainstream

Getting our hashtags ready :D
Sellena; this note is going to be strictly formal, because I don't want to cause any awkwardness.

I like to block out my strange former self from sixth grade, because I was *very* weird back then. I apologize for how creepy I must've been back then, with the whole fanatical crush thing. So, I don't want to be overly obsessive or anything; I'm treading through dangerous waters at the moment with this letter. I can't be too affectionate, because that's strange, and I can't be too detached, because it would seem like I didn't care.

But let me make this clear: no matter how badly I record my feelings here, you are amazing, as a person and as a friend. I feel like you, Shayla, and Christy are like the glue that holds the entire fabric of our group together. In regards to you, specifically, I guess I'll address why I was so weird around you in sixth grade.

You have so many traits that I truly admire, like how strongly you feel about things, and how you will always stand up for how you feel. You're also so funny, and simply being around you can make anyone feel happier. You're so confident and you care about everyone in our group—besides maybe Yash, which I can understand (sorry Yash)— and you're so, well, cool.

We've had so many memories too, but since this is getting a bit long you can just go and read someone else's note to know what those memories are. Maybe Shayla. She has lots of memories.

Ok, happy birthday! Have a good time in HKIS and stuff. DON'T DO DRUGS. You'd better not be different when I come back. Oh yeah good luck with swimming too. I hope you don't have too many Richard problems.



P.S. You like post scripts, so guess what I'm doing now.
P.P.S. post script
P.P.P.S. another post script
P.P.P.P.S. i don't think i'm being very funny right now
P.P.P.P.P.S. whatever

Raphy (Part II)
Welcome to Part II! Part I was more about you Sellena but Part II is more about the BFFLADs. I just want to start of by saying that I will never forget that acronym it is probably my favorite acronym. Secondly, I really enjoyed all the times we spent together and even though we are all in high school and you guys probably all have different schedules we should all kind of try to keep in touch/hang out together because if Yash starts hanging out with only nerds I will be disappointed. Do you guys still eat lunch together? Oh the macaroons on the background make me hungry even if I hate macaroons, I should probably go eat breakfast. Bye guys have fun. You guys already have school, I only start on September 3rd. But my sports tryouts are 2 weeks before the start of school and practices start 1 week before school. Have fun!

I'm (still) NOT (and most probably never will be) French

PS:I miss you all!!
P.PS: I wish I was there to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY SELLENA!
Raphy (Part III)
Okay so after having completed Part II I realized that I didn't mention lunch last year at all. Well I just wanted you to know that lunch with you and Hannah was sooooo fun and I miss it soooo much. Remember at the beginning of the year when we would eat lunch with Olivia then one day I told her that we wanted to eat just the three of us then she never came to eat lunch with us again. You and Hannah were mad at me for telling her that but later on you guys were happy she never ate lunch with us again. I remember you guys reviewing for your vocabulary quizzes. Remember in the beginning of the year we would eat waffle fries but then they stopped serving them. You guys remember when we spend break outside the french room and Zhou laoshi and Ms. Isikli would come and get mad at us because we were eating. Then the new rules came out and we had to eat on the picnic tables. Remember when we were filming the video and we went to Stanley and then we went to Shayla's house where we ordered Pizza Hut and Yash was all like "The large pizzas are big!" but then they were too small so we had to reorder. We also played monopoly and the logo quiz. That was very fun. By the way I am very sorry because this is very long and I hope you read it all because I spent a lot of time writing it and it was all from the heart. (fake tears)

I'M (still) NOT (and most probably never will be) FRENCH (unless I marry a French man)!

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