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Impact of Hip Hop music on English Language

No description

Chaeyeon Ku

on 2 October 2016

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Transcript of Impact of Hip Hop music on English Language

: a popular subculture of America's big city teenagers, which includes rap music, break dancing, and graffiti art.
ㅉWhat is
Hip Hop

A little bit of history about 'RAP' ?
Hip Hop driven new language adoption & change,
and brought some controversies.
What is the impact of language change by Hip Hop?
1. Explicit & Violent language

2. Racism
- 'anti-white but pro-black'
- Usage of specific terms
e.g. Nigger & Nigga

When it reached Obvious Purpose...
Hip hop music shapes the English language
1. Everyday Phrases

2. Invented Terms
Words with changed meaning
What was the initial
of Hip Hop music?
It's getting hot in here...
Hi, my name is...
Laid back
All my life..
Made you look..
My dear
Is it worth it?
It's tricky...
Goin' insane
Me, myself and I
Simon says..
This is serious...
Can I get a...?

Impact of
Hip Hop music
on English Language

ㄹFirst developed in the late 1970s,

as a mean of living for African-
American and Latino teenagers,

in the poorest districts of NY.
Rapping became popular,
and more DJs & MCs were formed.ㅁ
As the competition grew, MCs improved their raps.

While most raps were about
having fun, some socially
conscius raps also appeared.

Old School
Most successful styles of 90s,
especially NY's & L.A's.

Usage of EXPLICIT Laguage got attention.

Teenage boys especially loved these styles and this got into the mainstream of Hip Hop.
Hardcore, Gangsta, G-Funk
ㄹIn the mid 80s, MCs like
LL Cool J began creating hip hop singles with CATCHY Melodic Hooks.

Style evolved in various ways with the improving musical technology

Late 80s, groups like 'Public Enemy'
began demanding political change.
Hip Hop's Golden Age
Became major genre of Popoular music nowadays.

Many COLLABORATIONs between pop singers & rappers.

Increase usage of Social Media to spread Hip Hop
21C Hip Hop
The mean of living
for poor African- American Teenagers,

who could find jobs as MCs or DJs in neighborhood parties.
Some Rappers like
Grandmaster Flash
Public Enemy
began to require political change through raps.
The Message
Fight the Power
"Let's End Injustice & Racism !"
- Public Enemy
- Grandmaster Flash

- Wu-Tang Clan
: police
: girfriend
Real Talk
: being serious
: sneakers
: criticize, disrespect
: awful, stupid
: who hates someone who is doing well
: good male friend
: cold, horrify ----> relaxing
: a high-roller
Invented Terms &
Words with Changed meaning
Photo Citation
: apperance, style, or the way represents oneself. Usually 'cool' features.
: drug user (bad) ----> excellent, very good
* Nigga
: a black man with a gold chain on his neck
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"Slang functions as anti-language."
"The world is often upside down."
- 2pac
* Inversion or
- Tom Dalzell
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