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Welcome to Pediatrics!

No description

Hannah Cilli

on 18 August 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to Pediatrics!

Welcome to Pediatrics!
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Read your syllabus
. Complete all required activities. Bring required documentation to clinical orientation. You will be checked off by your instructor for clinical readiness.

Read this presentation
. It deals with the nuts and bolts of pediatric clinical such as medications, vitals, and patient care.

CHOA Module answer sheet
CHOA vehicle reg. form
CPR card-copy
Insurance Card-copy
Exhibit A (must read)& agree
Exhibit C
Completed, with copy of all clinical requirements given to clinical instructor (including TITER Values!)
Flu shot (copy)
PPD up-to-date (copy)

UNG medical report- up to date-copy to clinical instructor

Every patient is on I & O and this should be checked at least every 2 hours

While at Clinical...
What you should have...
Clinical Faculty
Arrive on unit by 6:30am or
The clinical day ends between 2:30 and 3:00pm * (this includes post conference)
Meet instructor in designated area
Wear lab coat to and from clinical *
Wear UNG name tag at all times & CHOA badge
No strong odors- Asthma- Nausea our goal= Neutral
Protect valuables --- be careful- no tablets etc.

Diaper weights (scale must be zeroed with a dry diaper)

IV fluids need to be charted Q1hr

IV sites are assessed Q1hr

Feedings (formula) 4 hours in bag

Check orders... Follow orders
Know orders....
Do you know what I eat? Do you know how I eat it? Do you know how often I eat it? Do you know how I do while eating and after? Do I have any medications that require food? You should.
In the Hospital Blood and Breast milk are equal precautions..
Vitals -Full Set: (know pediatric normal values for age)
pews-pediatric early warning system....
O2 Sat

Transfer of Care

SBAR- situation,background, assessment, reccomendations

5 Rights with all meds. You will need to know all the information about your patient's medications. *

Know why your patient is receiving the medication!
Check EMAR
Remember to review all medications to make sure they are in the patient’s med drawer
Pay close attention to IV fluid orders
Remember that some medications are kept in the medication fridge

If you are sick....
Call and email your clinical instructor!
Hannah Cilli
Make-up (9 hours) will be required
You will be given a written assignment for makeup

If you can't make it to Clinical
Call and email your individual clinical
faculty as soon as possible.

You also need to let your course coordinator
do not come to clinical sick vs. you can not
miss clinical

You will be sent home if you come to clinical infectious.
Bad weather
Check the school website
If school is canceled then clinical is canceled
If school is not canceled you need to make a decision
Will post information on D2L as soon as we know

Clinical Group Assignments- are nontransferable. If you need to trade a day contact Hannah Cilli as soon as possible.
Clinical faculty do not need to be questioned about grades, your papers, or projects. They are in charge of your clinical. If you need to miss a day, have an extension on a paper, or anything of that nature contact Hannah Cilli.

Assignments are due as scheduled unless otherwise negotiated with course coordinator.

Post Conference Assignments
mandatory- participating is important!
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