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Biochemical engineer

chemistry project

Ryan Towey

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Biochemical engineer

What do they produce in the medical field? What do they do? What is a biochemical engineer? where do they work?

- In the lab

-In the field

-In the factory Who employs them? Best schools in N.C. for Biochemical engineering By: Ryan Towey Biochemical Engineer Tuition Duke university Elon university East Carolina university Requirements for
admission 5 facts about Elon University 5 facts about East Carolina University 5 facts about Duke University

- fact 5 : 50% of the students enrolled are men and 50% are wemon $31,000 $12,000 $48,000 Skill requirements Whats so good about being a biochemical engineer? Picture
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- "DCHHS Offering Seasonal Flu Vaccine." North Dallas Gazette. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Jan. 2013. What have they produced in the agricultural field? Biochemical engineers create new products
that help produce biological solutions for pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Harvesters Planters New methods Insecticides Vaccines/medicine Medicine delivery Household medicines New methods Biochemical engineers are similar to any other engineer, except they don't only deal with mechanical processes', but with medical and agricultural ones as well. Education Requirements Math skills Chemistry skills Biology skills Speaking skills Complex problem solving & critical thinking skills Science skills Reading comprehension
skills Processing and production
skills Active listening skills Judgement skills Engineering skills You help to provide cures for deadly diseases - Many jobs with the government or jobs involving research and development require post graduate training. - A Bachelors degree in Biochemical
or Chemical engineering - Many jobs require their
engineers to get graduate degrees in Engineering and Business administration You experience the satisfying process of discovery every day You provide hope for people
with horrible diseases You are paid very well, about $90,580 a year. You are able to witness exciting reactions often The campus is an officially reconized botanical garden 85% of professors have a PhD 41% of students enrolled are men, 59% are women Student to faculty ration is 14:1 Offers 51 undergraduate
programs Offers over 100 bachelors degrees Most of the campus features
a spanish mission style build 38% of students enrolled are men,
62% are women 22% of the student body are minorities The entire 520 acre campus is surrounded by a residential/suburban area Even though the school is very large it has the feel of a small liberal arts college Part of RTP Has one of the highest PhD and MD in the country Campus has about 9000 acres of land 50% of students enrolled are men, 50% are women *note many pictures were obtained from the same website
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