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a prezi about poland

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of poland

Three major landmarks in Poland are the Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Warsaw Zoo, and the Tatra Mountains. The Auschwitz Concentration Camp was where they trapped Jews during WW11. Warsaw Zoo is another cool place to visit. It has 5,000 animals and 500 different species live there. Tatra Mountains is another one. It is the highest summit(2499 meters above sea level) on the Polish side.
Cars, electronics, oil pipelines, and helicopters are all examples of movements in Poland.
Krakow is the second largest and the oldest city in Poland. It actually used to be the capital. It has plenty of visitors because of their wonderful places to visit.
Gdansk is near the Baltic sea so it is a great place to fish and boat. It also has a professional football (soccer) team.
Potato farms, grain farms, tobacco farms, and statues made out of stone are all human environment interaction in Poland.


Learn and discover more about an amazing country.
Major crops grown in Poland are grains, tobacco, and potatoes. They are grown in the Carpathian mountain range.
Krakow is located right over Vistula River and exactly 50 latitude and 19 longitude. Warsaw is located near Vistula River too and exactly 52 latitude and 21 longitude. Gdansk is located next to the Baltic Sea and exactly 54 latitude and 18 longitude.
After completing this project, my favorite theme of geography is movement because it shows how much a country can grow in being a better country and also exporting goods that they need.
Warsaw is the capital of Poland. After WW11 Warsaw grew in population because it became the capital. Now Warsaw is a big and busy city.
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