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The Outsiders by S.E Hinton summaries from chapter 1-5 by Angelina

No description

angie nweke

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of The Outsiders by S.E Hinton summaries from chapter 1-5 by Angelina

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr While walking the soc. girls home Ponyboy talked to Cherry about Sodapops' horse named Mickey Mouse, and about how the Socs. are different from the Greasers. Unfortunately a blue Mustang pulled up behind them full with Socs. including the girls drunk boyfriends. Almost getting into a messy fight the girls decided it might be better if they went with them. Later on after Two-Bit left Ponyboy and Johnny layed down in a lot and stared at the stars until they fell a sleep. After Ponyboy was awaken by Johnny he rushed home in fear of the thought of facing Darry for coming in late. When he walked in Darry screamed and hollered at Ponyboy saying how he's never thinking. Once Darry started yelling at Sodapop,Ponyboy exploded which caused him to get smacked up against the wall. Before Darry could even apologize Ponyboy ran away with Johnny. As soon as they were a couple of blocks away Ponyboy bawled until he was finally ready to tell Johnny the whole thing. He decided that instead of running away they were just going to walk to the park and back. Assuming things couldn't get any worse. chapter two After messing around Dally, Johnny ,and Ponyboy went to the Nightly Double drive-in. The three ran into two pretty socs. girls that asked Johnny and Ponyboy to sit by and protect them. Strangely Ponyboy was able to talk easily to Cherry( the red headed cheerleader soc. girl) and for the first time Johnny stood up to Dally for him to leave the socs. girls alone. During the movie Ponyboy told Cherry about Johnny's bad beating. He also remembered what Darry said about how being around girls could get you in trouble, but figured since these were soc girls they should be okay. chapter one the greasers Ponyboy is a greaser as well as his brothers Sodapop and Darry. Greasers was a word the Socs. used to class the boys on the East Side that were poorer than the Socs and the middle class. The Socs.( socials ) usually beat up the Greasers and go around causing trouble. While Ponyboy was on his way home from the theatre a Corvair full of Socs appeared before him. Ponyboy struggled to get away as he was pinned down to the floor and cut below his chin by a blade until the rest of the Greaser gang showed up and scared them away. CHAPTER FOUR CHAPTER THREE A little after Johnny and Ponyboy got to the park a blue Mustang full of Socs. started circling around them. Once the Socs. got out of the car they surrounded Ponyboy and Johnny. It was five socs. against the two of them and Ponyboy knew they were going to have to fight it out alone. Deciding they need a bath one of the Socs. twisted Ponyboys arm behind his back and started drowning him in the fountain. After a red haze filled his head Ponyboy was pulled out of the water gasping as much air as he could. As soon as he caught his breath Ponyboy realized that Johnny killed a soc. Full of panic they went over to Bob Marril's place to find Dally for money and a plan to escape before anyone found out what they've done. Before you know it Johnny and Ponyboy are on a freight train to Windrixville. Once they arrived to the church they were told to stay in Ponyboy instantly remembered the place. Sooner or later both Ponyboy and Johnny fell a sleep. chapter five Ponyboy woke up late that afternoon while Johnny was at the store. Once he came back full with groceries that are supposed to last a while Ponyboy was stunned to see he brought back peroxide. Being told he was going to have to die and cut his hair Ponyboy began to worry. His hair was like his pride to him. In his perspective it was their trademark which labeled them Greasers.
However Ponyboy hair was still cut and dyed to hide his identity while Johnny's hair was just cut. During the next couple of days of only reading the book " Gone With the Wind" ( which Johnny seemed really interested in ) and playing poker took the longest to Ponyboy until finally Dally came to let them know it was safe to come out. The first place Dally took them to was Dairy Queen to grab a bite. He gave Ponyboy a letter written from Sodapop, and told them about how the Socs. and the Greasers are at to war. Also he told them that they now had a little red headed spy. ( Cherry Valence)
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