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The Phosphorus Cycle

Biology Honors; Period: 7; Kyra, Alyssa, Adam, and John.

Ryan Cobb

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of The Phosphorus Cycle

The Phosphorus Cycle
Phosphorus is a very important mineral. for humans alone phosphorus is vital for development of teeth and bones
for the most part phosphorus is often stored in rocks
Phosphorus is also needed for important acid inside our bodies.
Information on Phosphorus:
Step One of Phosphorus Cycle----->
Weathering and Leaching
Third Step in Phosphorus Cycle ----->
Phosphorus renters the cycle by animals. for example when animals excrete the phosphorus is taken into the ground. The plants then up take the phosphorus and we eat the plants. This is similar to decay
Other phosphate washes into rivers and streams where it dissolves and may eventually make its way to the ocean, where marine animals process and incorporate it into biological compounds.
Second Step in Phosphorus Cycle------->
Fourth Step in Phosphorus Cycle----->
Fifth Step of Phosphorus Cycle----->
Notes taken in class
By: Ryan, Carregan, Brandon
In the leaching processes water dissolves phosphate in rocks and carries it to lakes and streams. once it reaches the main water soure sedimentation begins to occur.
Phosphorus enters rocks through the years which is then released into the air by geographical uplift, which is often done by natural processes.
Excretion and Decompstions
Humas influnces on the ph
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