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Last summer

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Transcript of Last summer

Last summer I was in my mum's village, called Macotera.
I prefered to go there than to stay in Salamanca because I always spend a good time with my friends and family.
I've gone there since I was born, so that's means I've been gone for 14 years.
I went with my family, mum , dad, and my brother.
When I was there I used to spend my morning's time with my grandparents playing memory games. And in the evening I met my friends .
What did I do?
When we arrived there, my brother and I, helped my parents to take out the luggage from the car. After that, we said hello to my grandpas. They were very happy to see us.
The following next days we did a lot of things together such as cooking, watching films or going to the swimming pool.
We spent a fantastic time together!
It was absolutely amazing, because I got relax, met friends and did different things as for example, going to other villages riding the bike, seeing the bulls when the festivals began or making battles of water.

Festival time
When the festival time arrives, the town is plenty of foreign people because of this festival is one of the most important around Salamanca.
All my friends meet up there too. There are some traditions,as for example, we usually wear bib overalls that identify our group and at midday we go to pubs to have lunch.
My last summer
Where I was in?

Who did I go with ?

What did I do ?

How it was ?

Festivals time

About me

Where I was in?
Who did I go with?
How it was?
About me
When I was a child I used to go to my town frequently, but nowadays, at teenagers' age, I don't go as many as I would like.

Also,I remember when I spent my summers there and how my grandpa taught me to ride the bike. My first experience was that I fell down because of I crashed into a car, I've never been as scared as that day.
Every summer I cooked a "Fideua" with my uncle.
When we have finished to eat we played video games or we made jokes to each other.
In the evening, we used to go for a walk around the land and at midnight, we lay on the grass to see the stars.
I've never done that since then.
I would like to go back and be a child again.

Here we are my friends and I
We are my brother and I, in one of that wonderful summer
We spent that afternoon in the river
One of the reason why I wanted to go to my town
My mum and I, when I was 4 years old
These are two of my friends in the town.
Although I only see them there , we spend a wonderful time together
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