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You Be The Judge 1

Web Evaluation Criteria

Sharon Casey

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of You Be The Judge 1


How up to date is the information on the page? Does it have a date on it? Recent updates?
Do the links work?
Does the topic require current information?
What subjects are covered? Does it answer your question? How in depth is the coverage? External links? Are they real? Bibliography? How valuable is the information on the page?
source of the information.
Does the information relate to your topic or answer your question?
Who is the intended audience?
Is it an appropriate level?

The reliability, truthfulness and correctness of the content.
Look at the domain names before the first single back slash. They will indicate the type of websites.
ex: http://www.ccbcmd.edu/
.edu/ education website
.gov/ government website
.org/ organization website
Using Top Level Domains
in Your Research
Who wrote the page?
An author?
An organization?
Their credentials?
What is the URL?
Has the information been
reviewed or refereed?
Can you verify the information?
Is it unbiased?
Are there spelling or
grammar errors?

What is the purpose of the information?
Is it to inform, teach, sell, entertain or persuade?
Is the information fact, opinion or propaganda?
Is the point of view objective and impartial?
Is their a mission statement?
You Are the Judge

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