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Is the Industrial Revolution still happening today in the We

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Katie Howard

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Is the Industrial Revolution still happening today in the We

Is the Industrial Revolution still happening today in the Western World?
Urbanization Now
80% of Europeans living in urban areas by 2020
Negative impact
Cities spreading
Change in lifestyle
On average cities 78% increase and population 33% increase
Manufacturing During Industrial Revolution
Stem Factories
Cotton import banned
Cotton manufacturing increase
Manufacturing Now
Strive for Perfection
An example: Apple
Labor During Industrial Revolution
Bad conditions
Long hours
Small pay
Machines weren't fenced off
High death rates
Exhausted workers
Labor Now
Safe and healthy workplace
Employee benefits
Child labor laws
Urbanization During Industrial Revolution
Growth of industries and factories
Increased standard
Population increase
1801 17% people lived in cities, 1851 35%, 1891 54%
BY: Katie Howard
Social Issues During Industrial Revolution
Worked outside of local community
Women Lowest ranked job and least amount of pay
Women harassed
Job in factory and traditional role at home
Social Issues Now
Women get paid payed less than men
Gender wage gap 23%
The Industrial Revolution is still happening today because countries have to keep up with peoples wants and needs and the changing technology.
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