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Starting a Movimiento

No description

David Nungaray

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Starting a Movimiento

Starting a Movimiento
Turn to your partner and share something that you have learned from Juana's talk

Your partner will then make a connection to what you shared
Educational Landscape in
San Antonio
87% of students in San Antonio are Latin@s

A history of Movimiento
Our Vision
Movimiento will be a responsive coalition of voices empowering our Latin@ community to create positive and enduring change.
How can you get involved?
Start the conversation back in your region on staff
Have convivios with Latin@s in your region
Meet with Latin@ corps members, alumni, and folks in your community to understand their assets

Leadership Committees
•Family and Student Involvement
•Culture and Identity

To be or not to be...
Standing on the shoulders of giants
Sustainability and institutionalization
What role should staff play?
How do we support all people?
Help Us Build This Movimiento Because We Want To Be Connected With You
El Principio
San Antonio becomes a Teach For America region

Corps members and staff come together to discuss issues facing our community
Latin@ Summit

Platicas with the recruitment team

Convivios with alumni, corps members, and staff

Juntos Podemos
Leadership dinner with Latin@ leaders in San Antonio in partnership with Jose Villarreal
El Movimiento Comienza
Movimiento becomes a reality
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