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Various e-tools used by Realtors to supplement their face-to-face interactions with people.

Lisa Pierce

on 27 July 2010

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Transcript of e-tools

e-tools for Your Real Estate Business
Why e-tools?
Generational Marketing
Percent of each age group who
have a Social Networking Account
Gen Y > 18-34 years > 74%
Gen X > 35-44 years > 47%
Late Baby Boomers > 45-54 years > 41%
Early Baby Boomers > 55+ years > 24%

Source: 2009 Harris Poll
WHY Gen Y?
We're HUGE! (echo boomers)
We're at the home-buying age
We have money
We are educated
According to a recent NAR study, the median
age of 1st-time buyers was 30, down from 31
in 2007, & the median income was $60,600.

Source: Realtor.org
Gen Y
Kids of the baby boomers
Broad estimate = 1977-1999
Also called the millenials & echo boomers
70+ million in US
Tech Savvy Agents
Stats on REALTORS® & Technology
The typical REALTOR® spent
up to $1200 on technology for
real estate purposes in 2008.

The top three tools that respondents
plan to purchase or replace within the
next year are: smartphone w/email+Internet
connection (42%); notebook/laptop (34%),
+ digital camera (26%).
Source: 2009 REALTOR ®Technology Survey
Tech Savvy Agents
The most frequently used operating system is Windows XP (63%).
The most popular smartphones are Blackberry (32%), Palm Treo (14%) & iPhone (10%).
84% of REALTORS® use social media to some extent.
The top places where REALTORS® place
their listings are REALTOR.com, their broker's
website, their local MLS site & their own website.
Source: 2009 REALTOR® Technology Survey
Your website + logos
Social Media
Alternative listing sites
Tech tools for efficiency
Self searching (GOOGLE is your friend!)
Efficient + Instant

Can be used for...
Buyer updates
Agent interactions
Ask agents for their preferred
method of communication & if
they have text messaging ability.
Agent Only Remarks: Call or text "41461GC" to 520.906.1396 for gate code.
Social Media: Expand Your SOI
Linked In
Linked In - Online Business Card - gets you high up on Google.
Facebook - Virtual Water Cooler
Twitter - Micro-blogging in 140 characters or less
Actions Taken as a Result of Internet Home Searches:
2008 2009
Drove by/viewed home: 77% 77%
Walked through after viewing online 63% 61%
Found agent by searching for home online 27% 28%
Expand Your Listing's Marketing
Source: REALTOR.org 2008 & 2009 Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers
Presented by
These logos are important!
The ADRE is policing.
Avoid fines by including these logos.
Hold yourself to a higher standard.
Expand Your Listing's Marketing

Info sources used in home search:
2008 2009
Internet: 87% 90%
Real Estate Agent: 85% 87%
Yard Sign: 62% 59%
Open House: 48% 46%
Newspaper Ad: 47% 40%
Home Book or Magazine: 30% 26%
Source: REALTOR.org 2008 & 2009 Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers
Public posts questions on Trulia
& you can answer & patrol for leads
Trulia is a residential RE search engine that provides trends
You can also post blogs to Trulia
You can add your open houses to Trulia
You can create your online profile for home
buyers & sellers searching on Trulia
Be sure to post your open houses onto the MLS
b/c Trulia & Zillow pull from it - FREE advertising!
Add your profile to Zillow's Directory
Use the pro-to-pro as an agent-to-agent referral generator
Look for different cities/agents with whom to connect
Trulia & Zillow pull their information from assessor/recorder offices
Craig's List > Tucson Housing >

Search for buyers here -
especially college students who are looking to rent for more $ than it'd cost to buy!
All Housing Wanted
.avg format needs to be changed sometimes, so you
can use this website to convert - for FREE!

ZamZar.com (best kept secret - don't tell everyone)
Shaky & jakey better than
pro video? YES!

Only use business account for
business; personal for personal.
Otherwise, clients will see the record of what you viewed personally on YouTube!
Agent Savvy
Survey Monkey
Set up a 10-Question Survey
for clients after a closing
for buyers after an open house
to learn more about your clients
Sample Questions:
What's your birthday? (or birthday month)
What's your dog's birthday?
What's your favorite cookie or baked good?
What's your favorite flower?
What would you like to see on my (blog/website, etc.)
You are allowed 100 responses for FREE
Over 100 costs $


Stat Tracking

Self Searching
free stat tracker tools for blogs/websites
homes for sale
real estate
To Blog, or not to Blog...
FREE Software:

Blogging is GREAT for:
Prolific writers

Photo or Logo
EHO Logo
Company Logo
® = Alt 0174
Twitter Terms
Tweeting = Sending Tweets
RT = Retweet
FF = Follow Friday
Tweeple = people you meet on Twitter
Peeps = Followers
DM = Direct Message
DM Fail = A private message that was sent public (oops!)
Tweetup = Meeting IRL (in real life)
#hashtags = Content I.D.
Twitter is sand in the jar
Twitter is a lake
A tweet is a skipping stone
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