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Mob Mentality

During the teaching of To Kill a Mockingbird, this lesson is done either prior or during the reading of the Jail House Scene.

Amy E. Counts

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Mob Mentality

Improv Everywhere - MP3, 7
Improv Everywhere, Frozen Grand Central
T-Mobile - Liverpool Station
Improv Everywhere, No Pants - 2009
Glee - Madrid, Spain
Glee, Artie - Safety Dance
CBS: Violent Flash Mobs, Philly
From a psychological perspective, men resorting to ‘herd behaviour’ begin replicating acts that the rest of the ‘herd’ is carrying out.
For an individual, being part of a mob, means having a sort of subconscious security that no harm will befall the individual since he is one with the mob.
Sigmund Freud’s crowd behaviour theory sheds light on how when individuals act collectively as a group, their enthusiasm is increased, leading to a breakdown in individual thinking.
Mob Psychology and the Sialkot Lynching Case
by Sonya Rehman on August 23, 2010
Historic Examples of Herd Mentality
prezi designed by amy counts
for educational use
Which of the following would you most likely do in a group but not by yourself? Why or why not?
break out into a dance in the cafeteria
walk out of a teacher's classroom
participate in a school prank
Respond: Can you think of any examples from your own experience, history, and/or books you have read that demonstrate mob mentality? Explain.
Explain why you think people would participate in Flash Mobs.
actions - no consequences
group think / herd behavior
loss of identity
Cambodian Killing Fields
French Revolution
Salem Witch Trials
Soccer Stadium Riots
example from school
So what does it all mean?
Beauty and the Beast, 1991
Abercrombie, No Shirts ~ Improv Everywhere
Murder in a Flash, CSI Miami (2004)
Antwerp Train Station, Sound of Music
How do these ideas connect to the reading?
What does it say about the characters?
What does it say about human nature?
POV - Point of View
Mob Mentality / Herd Behavior
This allows collective thinking and a collective approach to overrule. Therefore, the individual stands blinded. He is stripped naked of his self-awareness for those fleeting minutes or hours and this is when he allows himself to be ‘led’ by the herd.
"So if so-and-so jumped off a bridge, would you?"
Imagine your own potential Flash Mob.
Means of communicating?
Possible reactions?
Beware - Negative Side
What were your misunderstandings / misinterpretations?
Goal - How do all of these ideas connect?
Students used social networking and texting to spread the word for everyone to wear this shirt on a specified day. School officials reacted with alarm and believed this to be gang related. Action was taken.

Do you think they overreacted?
February 1, 2012
Find the jailhouse scene in To Kill a Mockingbird
At what point does the mob mentality break down?
Who or what is responsible for this change? How so?
Mark the text for evidence of mob mentality.
Consider what we discussed:
loss of identity
no consequences
group behavior
doing things you wouldn't normally do
Examine Diction and Imagery.
What words are repeated?
What do you notice about the use of light and dark imagery?
Imagery and Diction Connection:
Based on your findings, what main idea is Lee presenting in this scene, and how does she support it with the use of diction (word choice) and imagery?
Find examples to support your conclusions.
Don't forget!
Connotation and Symbols!
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