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One Two Three Timber Hunter

No description

Yue Ren

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of One Two Three Timber Hunter

One Two Three Timber Hunter First, a person stands alone, and her back
is towards the other three people. Three people stand behind her.
Maybe ten meters far. like this The person who stands in the front needs to count three numbers, and then turns back. Meanwhile, the other three people walk towards the person in front. The other three people cannot stop until one of them touches the girl in front. When the girl in front is touched, the other three should run away and that girl becomes the catcher. the same as this if a person is catched by the catcher the person who is catched would switch to be the catcher. And then, play the game again However, if the catcher sees someone moving after she turns back, the person who is moving will stand behind the catcher and hand in hand. So the catching queue will be longer and easier to catchother people. Then, until the other people
touch the end of the queue,
those people can be saved and
run. Yeh, that's it. This is our whole game. Our group! Yeah!!
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