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Recruiting: Candidate Experience

No description

Fariba Dorosti

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of Recruiting: Candidate Experience

Recruiting: A Focus on Candidate Experience
New Requisition
Before In-Person Interviews
Usually the Recruiter and the hiring manager have both phone interviewed (or Skyped) with a candidate before they decide that a candidate should come in to the office and meet some of the team in person. We like to take a few extra steps to make sure the candidate is ready!
Candidate Onsite

This is the most important and meaty part of the candidate experience. It's really important to the candidate's overall experience.
sit down with the hiring manager to discuss specific needs, qualifications, and job description
add the job to Jobvite
After a new requisition has been approved by the founders and finance team, the Recruiter will sit down with the hiring manager to discuss specific needs, qualifications, and job description. The job gets posted on the site and the Recruiter begins sourcing for the perfect fit!
post on the web and start searching for the perfect fit!
prepare the candidate!
Send a detailed Interview Confirmation
Check in the day before... just in case!
Welcome the candidate and introduce them to people in the office--especially people they have been in touch with!
Office Tour
Offer food and drinks and/or invite them for lunch!
Surprise them with snacks and check in with them frequently!
Leave them a welcome note...
Send them home with a gift and a thank you!
A little extra!
Show them around!
Champion the Candidate and Make an Offer!
If you're interested in moving to offer with a candidate, it is time to champion them! More often than not, this will be the hiring manager's responsibility but it's important for the whole team to be on board.
Keep in Touch
Cultural Experiences
Dress up days
Happy Hours
and Events
Tech Talks
Deliver the Offer
Check in with Recruiting and HR Business Partner on Salary and confirm who is making the offer.
"Congratulations" email from the team
Proceed with a smooth and welcoming on-boarding process!
Offer bathroom breaks!
Interviewer Preparation
Be on time. Candidate's take time from their jobs and out of their day. It is incredibly important to respect their time.
Be Prepared. It's important to know a little bit about the candidate before you meet them. *SCENARIOS
Coordinate your questions with the other interviewers to avoid repetition.
Clear Communication
Let them know what's going on--regardless of what we want to do.
Set expectations on when they should hear back from you and follow through!
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