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Name Meanings in A Doll's House

No description

Ailise Powers

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Name Meanings in A Doll's House

Symbolism of Names in A Doll's House
Nora Helmer
- from Honora, means "light" or "honor". People with this name supposedly have a need to analyze the world they live in, and learn deeper truths. They enjoy being the center of attention and are sometimes reckless with both their energies and with money
Torvald Helmer
- means "Thor's ruler".
Thor was the Norse god of strength, thunder and war.
His hammer is traditionally symbolic of masculine energies.
He was known to protect the innocent and was prayed to because he made things holy/pure/clean.
Christine Linde
- means " a Christian"
etymology could possible be from the Swedish 17th century queen Christina
Nils Krogstad
Nils- Nordic name meaning "Nicholas" - champion of the people
Dr. Rank
Rank- word that means "highly offensive" -Dr. Rank as a symbol of moral corruption within society
Nora is consistently associated with light, and the playwright intended Nora to be the most "honorable" person in the play, as seen in the ending.
in the end, Nora fulfills her inner desire to understand the world and educate herself by leaving her family.
She showed her eagerness for attention in her conversations with Christine and her recklessness with money by borrowing from a notoriously bad man.
This queen rejected the sexual role of a woman - decided not to marry
She abdicated the throne to become a Roman Catholic
- Germanic for "weak, soft, gentle, friendly"
this name meaning contributes to Ms. Linde's angel of the house image - being the perfect wife and mother, as well as maintaining the traditional feminine attributes.
Also has origins to mean "someone who chooses material over moral"
Krogstad- comes from "Krok" meaning crooked person
Also means strength and open-mindedness
Symbolic in the story when he chooses to threaten
Nora over the money instead of keeping her
secret, knowing that exposing her would ruin
her life with Torvald
noun form: “a high position or station in the social scale.” Ibsen has chosen this name to be ironic; none of the characters place him highly in their thoughts
Significance of Helmer:
German name for helmet-maker.
means protection, brave, strong, whole.
Torvald acts like Nora's protector and takes care of her.
Nora is brave and strong for leaving Torvald to live on her own.
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